5 Industry Secrets for Planning a Great Event

Event planning is no simple feat. Planning a large-scale event takes time, effort, and considerable experience and expertise. Your task, as an event planner, is to bring the ideas and dreams of your clients to life.

The seasoned trade professionals have all been planning and executing some of the biggest and best events in history. They have all learned tips and tricks along the way to make this job simpler. Below are five of these industry secrets to give you and your event the upper hand:

  • Lock Down The Date And Venue

The most vital elements of an event are the date and the venue. Sit down with your client and discuss what date they have in mind for the event. Some clients don’t understand that their preferred date won’t always be available.

The sooner you can agree on a venue and a date, the sooner you can book both before someone else does.

  • Keep The Line Of Communication Open

Planning a large-scale event will require multiple teams working on different elements at the same time. There will be so many pieces of critical information that will need to be passed between your teams. This may sound intimidating, but all you need to do is ensure that you all have an open line of communication at all times.

Establish a schedule for each team, complete with team check-ins during the event planning and the event itself. This tip will transform your business.

  • Hire The Right Team

A sure-fire way to plan a great event is by ensuring that you have the right team at your side. Your event management team will make or break your event. It would be impossible for you to manage every aspect of a large-scale event on your own.

During the hiring process, be sure to check references and previous event experience. Event planning is not for the faint-hearted so your team members will need to be tough and know how to stay calm in a crisis. 

Once you hire the right team, provide them with an easy-to-use event platform to make their jobs better.

  • Be Prepared To Disagree

Any seasoned event planner will have at least a handful of stories about a crazy client who had the most bizarre requests. As the event planner in charge, you have to let your client know when they are requesting the impossible.

There is a fine line between doable and daft, be sure to tread this line carefully. There will come a time when you might need to disagree with your client or your team members – be prepared for this day to happen.

  • Have A Plan B

That doesn’t mean a literal Plan B… That just means that you need to be prepared for things to change at the last minute. Event planners need to be adaptable and able to change plans at a moment’s notice.

You can make this easier by having backup plans for every major element of your event. That will probably end up being more expensive, but it will be worth it to not disappoint your client.