5 Ways to A Better Night’s Sleep with Mindfulness Meditation

Guest Article by Shannon Leavitt

We are desperate for healthier ways to live a quality life in a society that has increasingly become more complicated, more stressful and more demanding.

It seems as though we have reached a point where we need sleep more than ever, and yet all too often it falls on the back burner while the front ones are going full blast.

Here are five major tips for someone who's having trouble sleeping:

Stop Overdoing It 

Make a daily intention to live in more balance. Then practice moderation in working, eating, exercising and sleeping.

Use Meditation

Learn basic meditation techniques to calm your mind. Meditation helps you become more present & less reactive.

Relax Your Racing Mind

Get in bed, close your eyes and ask yourself “Why am I thinking about all of this right now?” Learn to let go and focus in the “now” which is getting a good night’s sleep.

Start a Simple Yoga Practice

Yoga fitness includes body, mind and spirit health and alignment.

Yoga philosophy teaches you to live in balance and to treat yourself better- with kindness, compassion and nonviolence. When you make these a priority your whole life can change.

Declutter Your Space

Declutter and simplify your bedroom and designate it as a sanctuary for sleep, relaxation and intimacy only. Buying sleep accessories, or setting up your bedroom in a certain way, can indeed change the quality of your sleep.

Decrease distractions and EMF disturbances by removing technology like computers, TV’s and cell phones creating your bedroom a dedicated sleeping space.


A critical mass have personally experienced that lack of quality sleep on a regular basis has real consequences: feeling run down, poor mood, increased appetite, weight gain, premature aging, brain fog, sub par performance and more. Let’s prioritize sleep again in 2017.

Shannon Leavitt M.S.,R.D. is a certified yoga instructor, health coach and author of Learn to be Lean: A Yoga Based Approach to Healthy Weight Loss, now available on Amazon.

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