6 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

6 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

Now’s the time to celebrate the summer. After so long being cooped up indoors everyone’s excited to do some fun summer activities. Summer is a great time to plan some lovely activities with your children, from outdoor games to educational trips. To help give you some bright ideas, have a read of these. Here are 6 summer activities to do with your kids.

1 . Museum Trips

Want a break from the summer heat? It’s usually pretty cool inside a museum, (some even have aircon)! If you’re looking for an educational day out, there are plenty of kid-friendly museums that you can try. For a few ideas, see the following:

Please Touch Museum: Check out Philadelphia’s popular children’s museum, where your kids can explore plenty of creative exhibits, and learn through play. Try the ‘Adventure Camp’ exhibit where your kids can learn about steam, science, periscopes, and magnets.

The Children’s Museum Indianapolis: Come and explore the largest kids museum, here you’ll find a wide range of enthralling exhibits, from dinosaurs to steam trains, and theatre productions.

2. Picnic & Games

Cheap and lots of fun, take a picnic to the park, along with some of your kid’s favorite outdoor games. Kids just love picnics, they might even enjoy helping you to prepare the food! There are plenty of fun picnic foods for kids, if you need some ideas, check out a few children’s picnic ideas online.

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There are plenty of outdoor games you can play in the park, from frisbee to jump rope, rounders, or soccer. If your children prefer toys, let them bring along a few of their favs. Need some new cute toy ideas for your kids? Try Super Wings transforming vehicles at AlphaToys.com.

3. Water Parks

Visiting a water park is the perfect way to cool off in the summertime. If your kids are a fan of waterslides they’ll love exploring water parks. This year, USA Today named Aquatica Orlando the best water park in America. The park welcomes over 1.5 million people every year, offering both thrilling rides, and sea life attractions. One of the most popular attractions is Dolphin Plunge, when you ride this tube slide you’ll go through a Dolphin pool on the way down! (The slide is enclosed, and safe for the dolphins and your kids). 

There are plenty more water parks to check out in the US, from Adventure Island in Tampa to Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach.

4. Day At The Beach

A classic day at the beach is one of the best summer activities for children. Whether it’s playing beach ball or swimming in the sea, there are lots to do. Help your kids to build a sandcastle, collect shells, or hunt for buried treasure. Don’t forget to bring plenty of sun cream, water, and snacks. There are plenty of fun activities you can try at the beach, from boat trips to snorkeling. 

5. Arts & Crafts 

Summer is the perfect time to get creative, children love making a mess, and arts and crafts is the ideal excuse! Make a special arts and crafts box full of paper, paints, glitter, scrap material, or even leaves from the garden. Let your kids free-style, or challenge them to make a certain project.

During the summer it’s super fun to practice arts and crafts outside. You’ll have more space, (plus the mess doesn’t matter quite so much)! To get some great ideas to check out the Kids Craft Ideas app.

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6. Scavenger Hunts 

Want to try something new with your kids this summer? Then you’ll certainly want to check out a Scavenger Hunt. Several scavenger hunt apps can help you to have an adventure:

Money Spot Scavenger Hunts:

For a fun-filled day out, download the Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunt app. You can choose from different themed scavenger hunts, including ‘Detective Story’, ‘I Can See A to Z’, ‘Or Zoo Adventure’. There are hunts you can do at home or around your town.

Plum’s Photo Hunt

Using this app kids can go on missions, and photograph things from the great outdoors. Take this app to the woods, and follow the prompts. Take pictures of bugs, shadows, plants, and more. It’s the perfect activity to get outside and help your children to learn about the natural world.

There are plenty of other family-friendly activities you can try in the summer. Check out the best sports for kids, or events at your local library. Summertime is the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and experience new things. With any luck, your children will love a few of these offerings. Remember, you won't need to spend lots of money to have an awesome day out!