6 Things to Do Before Leaving for College

Heading off to college marks a major turning point in any young adult’s life. The looming transition can be exciting but overwhelming too, and it’s easy to feel like you’re running out of time.

There’s so much to do and so much to plan, how are you supposed to handle it all? Remember that this is supposed to be a time of positive change, and you’ll have plenty of time between graduating and moving to handle everything that needs to be handled. If you’re feeling uncertain, here are six important things you should do before you leave. 

Focus on Your Academics

First of all, try to focus all your energy on school until you graduate. It can be tough to put college, leaving and everything that comes with it out of your mind, but your grades are important in these final moments of high school. 

A college admission expert like Going Ivy can help you every step of the way – from getting that acceptance letter to tutoring and test prep. 

Shop For Your Dorm Room

Once you’ve graduated you can take some time to get excited and start planning for the future. One of the more fun aspects of this is to start shopping for your dorm room. Find out what furniture and appliances might already be included, and then start buying the pieces you need. 

Purchase the dorm room essentials, but remember to also buy (or pack) some décor pieces and special items to make the room feel like home.  

Check Out Your College’s Social Media Pages

Once you’ve been accepted by a school and you decide to commit to it, it’s a good idea to get a little more familiar with what they’re all about.

A good way to do this is to check out their social media pages. You’ll be able to see from their posts what kind of events they host, what the campus life is like, and what the overall mood is like at the college. 

Start Mastering Some Basic Life Skills

If you’ve been living with your parents all your life, moving away to go to college will be a big change. You’ll need to learn a couple of basic life skills in order to be able to properly take care of yourself.

Make sure you know how to handle your laundry, cook a few healthy meals and take good care of your mental and physical health

Spend Time with Friends and Family Back Home

Moving away can be difficult when you’re saying goodbye to so many people you love.

Of course, you’ll be back to visit during breaks, but try to cram in as much quality time with your loved ones as you can – you’ll miss them more than you realise! 

Set Some Goals

Of course, once the school year starts, you’ll be setting academic goals, but your college years should be full of personal goals too.

Think of what you want to achieve on a personal level throughout your college life. These goals could be related to your physical health, finances, personal development or anything else you want to work on.