Look After Your Mental Health When Using Smartphones

Look After Your Mental Health When Using Smartphones

Smartphones are incredible technology, they allow us to connect with friends and loved ones instantly and provide a world of entertainment and services at the touch of a button, but smartphones can also be addictive and anxiety-inducing. Here is how to use them wisely.  

Social Media 

Social media is a powerful technology; when used correctly used incorrectly, it can be harmful to your mental health and wellbeing. Social media encourages people to draw attention to the highlights of their lives and creates comparisons that can cause some anxiety and depression.    

Depending on the severity of your condition, you might want to come off social media completely, but there is an alternative, simply modify your use of it. If you bury your social media apps in folders and away from the main screen, it’s harder to find them and encounter issues.


The internet is designed to grab your attention and direct it to certain places using a payment processing webpage. Smartphones are the same; they also want to grab your attention and suck you into a website, social media channel, or an advert for something you can benefit from. 

Notifications are sometimes turned on automatically; other times, the website will request that you optimize the settings. Notifications can be helpful, but you don’t want too many of them. Too many notifications can cause stress and mental health issues, so modify them intelligently.   

Digital Downtime 

One of the best ways to avoid mental health issues associated with using smartphones is to practice digital downtime. This means unplugging yourself from your technology and doing something else; it can be a challenging practice at first, but you will start to see the benefits. 

Digital downtime can be as little as five or ten minutes, or it can be as long as a year. It’s completely up to you; the main thing is the discipline you need to take yourself away from the screen. If you can only do this for five minutes, that’s a good start; try to build up the downtime. 

Wellbeing Apps 

Smartphones might be the cause of many mental health conditions, but they can be the solution as well. Wellbeing apps ate an excellent example. An iPhone XS gives you the capability to access a range of therapies and tools to improve your mental health and wellbeing at any time. 

There are many mental health apps available such as BetterHelp, MoodKit, TalkSpace, and more. These apps allow you to access therapists when you need them, eliminating the long waiting time normally associated with these services. You can also use the service on a phone. 

Final Thoughts

For most people, it’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone, but they come with their downsides as well, smartphones are addictive and attention-grabbing, but they can also cause high levels of anxiety that can shorten your life and make it less enjoyable. But you don’t have to give up your smartphone; all you have to do is optimize it for the benefit of your mental health.