A Garden Fit For A Child

The place for fanciful dreams and imaginations are set free in the garden for you and me. To recall how a child learns is to take notice of all their little senses. They pick up every sound as though it tickles their ears. They touch and smell and pick apart flowers. The yearning to catch a butterfly simply seems irresistible as it flutters by. There is not a more natural place for a child to be than in the midst of a healthy and diverse garden.

So how do we make a garden fit for a child?

The best thing we can do as parents is to educate ourselves on the harmful effects that all chemical fertilizers and pesticides are having on the health of our children and natural habitats.

The first and most important step is to simply stop using them on your lawn  and in your landscape.  We want the healthiest environment for our children to play and learn. We find plenty of opportunity in the garden, but it is crucial to create a natural habitat for life in order to achieve that goal.

There are so many successful organic methods that chemicals are totally an unnecessary expense. The most important thing to start with is getting your soil back in shape. We've got to get it teaming with life again and we do this by adding natural materials back into your lawn and landscaping.

For most homeowners those materials may already be available from your own yard. The fallen leaves and grass clippings are excellent sources for composting your own organic mulch. It will make no difference at all how much you water and fertilize if your soil is not healthy. Your soil is the foundation in which you lay your garden upon. It is what causes it to flourish and bloom.

We can then go to the next level and get those water bills down. We can become part of the cause to conserve our precious resources. With healthy organic soil that is rich with natural compost there is no longer a need to constantly water.

We can begin to consider the best plants for our garden. You can have the most spectacular and unique garden in your entire neighborhood with the lowest maintenance costs by choosing native plants and trees. Find out what is special and native just for your neck of the woods.

Be the first mom on the block with blooms and butterflies for children to see. The honeybees dancing and birds in the trees. There will be no need to worry because you are now chemical free.

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