Adulting: 7 Legal Issues and Rights Everyone Should Know

Adulting: 7 Legal Issues and Rights Everyone Should Know

There are many laws and legal issues which are common sense and are drilled into us from a young age. However, some legal issues may not be so obvious or are very daunting, which can result in avoidance, or worse, non-compliance because whether you are aware or not, they do affect you. 

This article will look at some of the most important legal issues and rights that affect you, so you can be fully equipped if you are ever faced with a similar situation. 

#1 Terms and conditions

The dreaded small print that presents itself when you sign up for something new. It has been estimated that approximately 91% of people do not read the terms of service before agreeing to them. Whether it is a new mobile application, a new car, or opening a bank account, the lengthy terms and conditions are everywhere and they can be extremely daunting (and boring!). 

Terms and conditions, once agreed, act as a legally binding contract that you have to remain compliant with if you continue to use their products or services. If you don’t know what you have agreed to, you could be in breach of your contract and run into some sticky legal issues. 

Make sure you take time to read through the terms and conditions, as daunting as they may seem. If it is for a bigger purchase such as a car or a house, perhaps hire an attorney to help you make sense of what you are agreeing to. 

#2 Prepare your will 

Not the most favorable topic, but an important one. Preparing your will at an early stage and all the other important documents including your medical directives, asset distribution, property, and bank information, can give you and your family peace of mind. And in the unfortunate event of your passing, will help your family tremendously, in an already upsetting situation. 

#3 Going on holiday 

When you decide to travel abroad by airplane, you are entitled to a variety of rights, including reimbursements for involuntary canceled or delayed flights, lost luggage, and locking in your prices in advance. You are also subject to any agreements you have signed with your accommodation, excursions, and the laws of that particular country. So if you plan on traveling, make sure you familiarize yourself before you head off.  

#4 Seeking medical help 

In the unfortunate event that you have to spend time in a hospital due to an illness or an accident, you tend to place a lot of trust and faith in your doctors and nurses. The staff will do everything they can to help you, but sometimes, there may be a case of negligence. This usually occurs if you have outrageous medical bills that you cannot afford, if you leave the hospital worse off than when you went in there, or if you have sustained long-term health issues during your stay. Negligent claims can be lengthy and complex, so it is best to find medical malpractice attorneys you can trust who can help you navigate the field. 

#5 Being an employee 

As an employee, you are entitled to certain rights, regardless of whether your employer agrees or not. There are your basic human rights such as no harassment or discrimination, receive equal pay, and confidentiality. 

This can be an awkward subject, especially if there is push back from your employer, but you are entitled to other things too, such as overtime pay, a safe and healthy workplace, and the right to refuse work if it puts you or your co-workers in danger. 

Make sure you familiarize yourself with your employee contract, as well as your legal rights from federal, state, and local government laws. 

#6 Living in a property

When you decide to hit the road on your own and move into your property, you will likely be faced with numerous, complex legal rights. They will all be different, depending on whether you choose to rent a property, buy a property or even become a landlord. If you decide to rent or become a landlord, make sure you look up state laws about rights such as security deposits and housing safety. If you decide to purchase a property, make sure you seek advice from a real estate attorney to ensure there are no difficulties along the way.

#7 Driving 

Driving laws have evolved over time, and can vary by state. It is important if you are traveling by car across state lines that you familiarize yourself with the laws that may affect you. For example, in some states, any use of mobile phones is prohibited and in others, texting is illegal but headphones are allowed. The last thing you want is to be pulled over and receive a fine, or some kind of penalty. 

As you can see, there are many different laws and legal issues that affect all aspects of your life, from traveling to medical care.