Rebuilding Relationships Following Addiction

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The fight against alcohol or drug addiction comes at a high price from the addict's relationship with their spouse, parents, children and friends. Rebuilding these relationships takes a long time and can only be done with the addict’s personal recovery process. Sometimes we are led into certain actions that can be damaging to our livelihoods. Sometimes people are even wrongfully accused. If you want to learn about this further you should take a look at the Last Prisoner Project

It is easy to understand how relationships are damaged by addiction. Adverse behaviors of drug addicts include lying, theft, infidelity, violence, job loss, offenses, imprisonment, hospitalizations, financial threats and many other types of harassing behavior. The addict, over time, becomes less productive and may feel like a burden. Family members are increasingly forced to take responsibility for him and his personal responsibility that he transfers to them. This situation produces feelings of anger, fear, mistrust and lack of communication. All of these lead to a complete collapse of relationships. In many families, the addict becomes the center of the house, and everything around them. This makes it very difficult to get on the road to recovery and in most cases where the addict has made a change in their life, the family union falls apart. In these situations, relationship restoration becomes more difficult and requires a longer process to fix. The most important part of any relationship is trust. It is also the first thing to break within the cycle of addiction. Rebuilding trust should be done within a tight framework of a clear and predetermined set of expectations. But first you must be aware of your problem and want to change it. Change must come from you yourself and nobody else. 

It is important to allow the recovering seller to have the time and support in everything related to the change he needs to go through. The spouse and extended family must go through a similar process. So it should be understood that everyone is changing and redefining expectations. It is not an easy task and if jobs have been lost, then financial issues may arise and you may have to build from the ground upwards. It is very difficult to relinquish large parts of control and responsibility, and this must be done step by step. Giving up on the one hand while giving trust, and accepting and taking responsibility on the other hand while committing to maintaining the renewed trust. It is advisable to enlist the help of professionals, prepare for sacrifice and hard work, and always remember that people are out there to help you in your quest. You are never alone. Consider therapy, counselling and support groups to get you through. When you hear other people’s stories, you will realise that you are not alone and that other people may have valuable advice to carry with you for the future. Take back control and allow yourself to lead a healthier, happier life in the long run.