An Inspiring Campaign: Bald Bratz Dolls

An Inspiring Campaign: Bald Bratz Dolls

Bratz dolls are extremely popular amongst young girls all over the world. As I am sure you know Barbie has long been the most loved doll amongst most girls all over the world. Nevertheless, when Bratz dolls were launched they were arguably the first doll to stand their own against the Barbie range of dolls. 

Push Barbie off the top spot

Many toy manufacturers have created dolls over the years in an attempt to push Barbie off the top spot, and many have failed, often resulting in discontinued toys. However, whilst Bratz may not have pushed Barbie off her throne, the dolls have certainly created their own following and a big one at that. 

They are considered a modern doll, something which girls nowadays tend to love. They have a more stylish and glamorous edge over Barbie and that is why they have proved to be so successful. They haven’t tried to imitate Barbie; the manufacturers of Bratz have been original and created an entirely new doll that stands on its own stead.

Bratz launched a range of dolls without hair

And the originality of Bratz has shone through once more as the manufacturers, MGA Entertainment, launched a range of dolls without hair. These dolls went on sale with the aim of their release is to support any children that are suffering from diseases such as alopecia and cancer. The Oklahoma Proton Center provides some great information on treatment for anyone who is going through this sort of thing at the moment. This campaign was certainly interesting to learn about, and we hope to see more in the future.

‘True Hope’

The range of bald Bratz dolls was aptly named ‘True Hope’ and £1 from each sale of the doll went to a cancer charity for young people and families which is called CLIC Sargent. 

The dolls send out a massive message to the world and especially to children. It allows all kids to acknowledge children with these sorts of diseases as being exactly the same as them; it will make such children feel more included. It is also a lovely way of showing the children suffering that everybody acknowledges the immense struggle they have encountered and that the world knows how brave and beautiful they are. 

‘True Hope’ range consisted of four dolls

The ‘True Hope’ range consisted of four dolls; two Bratz dolls and two Moxie Girlz dolls. The Bratz dolls you can choose from are Cloe and Yasmin, whereas the Moxie Girlz on offer are Sophia and Avery. The girls come complete with their ever stylish clothes and they look as radiant and as stunning as always.

Whether your little girl is suffering from cancer or a similar disease or not, a ‘True Hope’ Bratz doll is something which you should seriously consider buying. This campaign is something we hope to see more of around the world, as it sends out such a great message while also raising money for charity too.