Cartoon Crazy – The Classic Tom And Jerry

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Tom and Jerry videos or TV Shows: Which one is better?

The sheer popularity of Tom and Jerry is simply remarkable. A journey which began in 1940 has since taken over the world, with numerous cartoon shows, film videos, toys, and games. This article will take an in-depth look into two areas of the Tom and Jerry franchise and debate whether the Tom and Jerry videos or TV shows are better. 

But first of all, if you have never heard of Tom and Jerry (…which I find very hard to believe) then here is an insight into the famous classic cartoon show:

Tom and Jerry is a series of cartoons which revolve around a continuous rivalry between Tom – a cat, and Jerry – a mouse. The cartoon is a comic one as Tom’s chase of Jerry often results in a humourous ending with the mouse often outwitting the cat. It is a cartoon show which is probably about 95%, if not more, visual and thus only a minimal proportion is actually oral. This is one of the main reasons why it has become a TV show which is popular amongst all ages. 

As mentioned earlier, nowadays there is so much more available to you if you are a Tom and Jerry fan rather than just the cartoons. One of these options is the videos available, with the main one being Tom and Jerry: The Movie. You can watch this on Netflix. You can access US Netflix instructions here. But which is better; the cartoons or the video? 

Of course, this all depends on you and what you want. If you want the classic version, something traditional, then you will be best suited to the Tom and Jerry cartoons. After all, this is exactly how they originated and it is the sole reason behind the pair’s worldwide popularity and success. You can catch the TV shows around the world on various channels today. What’s more, the cartoons are not as long in length as the videos and thus you need not dedicate a full amount of your day to watching an entire movie.

Nevertheless, that is not to say that Tom and Jerry videos do not have their advantages either. The videos are great because they are something you can hold on to and watch time and time again. What’s more, if you are a film lover and enjoy sitting down for an hour or two engrossed in a good video, then this will be a great option. Moreover, it provides a great opportunity to get all of the family together, have some popcorn and enjoy some family fun and a great film.

So what do I advise? In my opinion, a healthy dosage of both is the perfect remedy! If you are a Tom and Jerry fan then I am certain you will appreciate and enjoy both forms, after all, they both share the same concept. 

So there you have it; the benefits of both watching the Tom and Jerry cartoons as well as the Tom and Jerry videos. Whichever one you opt to go for, one thing is for sure; you will have endless hours of fun watching them. 

Why children love to play Tom and Jerry games online

Aside from actually watching the show, a lot of children enjoy the opportunity to play Tom and Jerry games online. With the boom in technology and the rise of the internet, it is not really surprising that the popular cartoon has resurfaced on several different platforms, but what is it about the online games that children love so much?

First and foremost, one of the major drawing points of playing Tom and Jerry games online is the interactivity. Children love to feel like they are a part of something, and that is exactly the case with these games as they are involved in the chase between the characters. It provides endless hours of joy and there is constant achievement when they win levels, thus providing them with a sense of pride. The sheer enjoyment is, of course, an obvious reason as to why children love the games, but it is also a benefit for adults too, as their children develop hand-eye coordination and other skills associated with using a computer.

Another reason children love online games is that they get to have their Tom and Jerry dosage whenever and wherever they feel like it. Obviously Tom and Jerry are shown on TV at set times, however, the games are available on the internet 24/7. Therefore, there is no limit to the amount of fun they can have with their favorite TV characters.

In addition to this, Tom and Jerry online games are highly popular because there are a whole host of different types of games to choose from. You may assume that the games involve either staying away from Tom or chasing Jerry, but there are so many more options than that. Other types of games featured around the show include; a coloring in-game, a food fight game and a cat-a-pult game, to name but a few. Thus, the choices are endless and there is bound to be something to suit your child. This is one of the reasons they are popular because it keeps a child’s interest, which as we all know can be something which is very hard to do.

There are a whole host of reasons as to why Tom and Jerry games online are popular amongst children. Of course, the sheer popularity of the show itself is the main pulling factor, but as you can see from this article; there is a lot more to it than just that. If your child hasn’t had the opportunity to play any of the Tom and Jerry games available on the internet yet then why not show them yourself? After all, it is nice that children still have such a keen interest in a traditional and historic TV show.

Should your child watch cartoons like Tom and Jerry during exams?

Exam periods are extremely difficult for children. It is hard to find a balance between studying too much and not studying enough. After all, if children study too much then it can actually have the opposite effect – causing them to wear themselves out and become too stressed. However, there are some children who simply do not study at all and thus need a big push in order to do so. As a parent, it is your job to try and find a balance between the two.

One big problem area when it comes to the exam period is how much entertainment time you should allow your child to enjoy. A lot of children want to sit and watch cartoon videos when they come in from school. Should this be allowed? Take a look at the eight ifs and buts below in order to help you make your decision…

  1.     If children watch videos then they are wasting study time

This first point is the most obvious. If your child is watching cartoons then they are spending the time that could be spent on studying. Every hour wasted is an hour which could be spent preparing for the examination they have ahead.

  1.     But a break now and again is healthy

However, your child cannot study every hour of the day. A break is healthy and it is needed in order to clear your child’s mind. After all, it is believed that after a certain time period – even something as small as 40 minutes – your child loses focus and cannot study anymore. Therefore, using a cartoon video as a break option is a good idea.

  1.     If they watch videos then they lose focus

If your child watches too many cartoons then their mind will be filled with this rather than the exam that they have ahead. If your child loses their focus too much then all of the studying they will do will become lost within all of the cartoons that they have watched.

  1.     But if they don’t have fun then they can become too stressed

Nevertheless, if all that your child thinks about is; study, study, and more study, then they are going to be filled with a great deal of worry and stress. This is not healthy and they will panic far too much. It is likely your child will be nervous anyway, and thus it is important to limit these nerves as much as possible.

  1.     If they watch cartoons then you will find it hard to pry them away

However, we all know that once your child starts watching cartoons it can be very difficult to pry them away from the television. Therefore one-hour watching television may turn into a lot longer.

  1.     But if you don’t let them have fun then they have nothing to work towards

You can actually use cartoons to your advantage. If your child studies for an hour then you can allow them to have cartoon time afterward. This gives them something to work towards and thus is likely to make them study harder.

  1.     If they watch cartoons and fail then you will blame too much fun time as a factor

If your child fails their exams and you know they have spent a lot of their time watching cartoons then you are likely to blame this for their failure and thus will regret letting them watch so much television.

  1.     But if you don’t allow them to watch cartoons you are punishing them before the exams have started

However, if you don’t let your child watch cartoons then you are almost telling them off before they have even done anything.

Most parents would agree that during exam period children should be allowed to watch cartoons, as long as they are in moderation. A healthy dosage between studying and entertainment usually seems to be the winning formula.