Reducing Abandoned Purchases When You Run a Small Business

When you run a small business nowadays, you’ll find yourself operating in a more saturated marketplace than ever before? Why? Well, the world of eCommerce is extremely accessible, meaning pretty much anyone with drive and an internet connection can set up their own company. This is great. But at the same time, it means the web is awash with competitors and other diversions that can distract your potential customers’ attention from your website and your brand. You don’t want people to run into the arms of your competitors or forget to actually check out a purchase with you, so what can you do to maintain their attention for long enough to complete a sale?

Well, there are plenty of different options out there. But for now, let’s focus on pop-ups. Pop-ups are a great way to catch your customers’ attention when they are about to abandon a purchase. These are small windows that open up when you want to communicate with a customer when they’re on your website. If they go to leave your page, you can have a triggered pop up that will ensure they definitely intend to leave, rather than having an accidentally closed tab. If they begin to back out of the checkout process, you can have a pop up alerting that their item will be lost if they continue and give them a second chance to complete their check out.

The popup advertising infographic 2019 edition below will go into more detail on this!

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