Foods for Mental Health: 5 Foods that Improve Your Mood

Mental health has been a taboo subject for the longest time. It is one of those things none of us ever likes to talk about and something which many of us don’t want to admit to suffering with.

However it is more common than we think, and it is always important that we take the time out to look after our mind just as we do with our bodies.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the foods you can eat every day to fight off mental health issues and actually work just as well as both adult and teen depression treatment if we do it often enough.

Chia seeds

If you have never heard of chia seeds or you haven’t seen them before, they are like tiny black bullets of nutrition and magic. The tiniest amount of his seeds can contain grams worth of protein and vitamins, and specifically, they are full of omega 3 which is amazing for the brain and our moods.

If you have just a small tablespoon of chia seeds every day in a pudding or sprinkled over your granola, you’ll be much healthier and have a lot more energy too.


Fatty fish is something we should all take the time to add to our diets each day and it is full of amazing minerals and vitamins to keep our body and brain happy.

Salmon is full of lean protein for a healthy body, vitamin D for great skin and full to the brim of both omega 3 and 6. Both of these are essential for our brain and our nervous system which can help fight off feelings of depression and anxiety.


Broccoli is one of those vegetables which you either love or you hate, you should definitely live it though due to the immense health benefits it gives to the body every day.

Broccoli is high in vitamin C which is essential for healthy skin, and it also has a lot of prebiotics which is great for the cut. With all of the minerals that this vegetable contains it can be a great way to fill up your body with good stuff and keep yourself healthy.


Spinach doesn’t just make you strong, but it provides many of the vitamins and minerals which our body needs to keep it running smoothly and keep our brain happy. They are versatile veggies which can be eaten in salads, added to healthy smoothies and even cooked into a curry or stew.

Eating some of this every day can bring zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium and more to your body.


Now that we’ve covered all of the veggies and healthy meat, we can move onto the good stuff. You may have already heard that chocolate puts us in a good mood and this can be a great thing for our body and our mind.

When we eat chocolate we actually stimulate our brain to release happy hormones so this can be the perfect pick me up when you are feeling a little bit down on your luck.

Ian Walsh