Easy Protein Iced Mocha Coffee

Easy Protein Iced Mocha Coffee
Protein iced mocha lattes or protein iced mocha coffee are the easiest recipes you will ever come across. Rather than a particular recipe, it's more helpful to have a general idea on how to make protein coffee and tips on how to make it taste tasty.

There is nothing better than a mocha iced latte in the summer! Having recently acquired an espresso machine, I began making mochas at home and was surprised just how much chocolate syrup was needed!

This purchase aimed to avoid the extra ingredients and sugars found in coffee shops and cans. Then, I would add as much chocolate syrup as possible to make it taste like an iced mocha.

It was then that I came up with the idea. It would be great to substitute chocolate protein powder for chocolate syrup instead of the unhealthy stuff.

It never occurred to me that protein powder could work so well as a replacement, and I do not notice any difference. It even makes it more frothy and smooth.

Easy Protein Iced Mocha Coffee

What are the best protein powders for making iced coffee?

It can even be customized to your taste using vanilla protein powder, espresso powder, unflavored, caramel, mint chocolate, peanut butter, or whatever you like!

You can use many different types of proteins, including whey protein, vegan protein, casein, egg, and mixed plant protein. When it comes to taste, I think whey is the most enjoyable since others might leave it a little chalky. Additionally, Whey contains the most flavors.

Ingredients for protein coffee

To make a protein iced coffee or latte, you only need a few ingredients: coffee or espresso, water or milk, ice and protein powder.

It doesn't matter what kind of milk you use, I use almond milk, and you can also use oat, soy, and dairy milk.
Easy Protein Iced Mocha Coffee

Protein Iced Coffee Recipe and Instructions


Here's my favorite recipe for protein mocha iced coffee…


  1. Mix the protein powder and milk. I prefer to use a milk frother, which mixes the powder well enough not to leave any chunks of protein powder.
  2. Pour the milk/protein powder over ice (if using ice)
  3. Pour coffee into the cup
  4. Top with light whipped cream if desired.

Voila! You have a tasty protein iced mocha coffee that meets your maco needs.

Easy Protein Iced Mocha Coffee