How to Choose a Future-Proof Career

It’s Never Too Late To Change Careers

In the past, people often spoke about a ‘job for life.' Nowadays, it is rare for someone to work for a company from graduation to retirement. Thanks to technological progress, the world is changing fast, and this is reflected in the way people work. Jobs that were crucial back in the day no longer have a place in the modern world. 

As the world changes quickly, it is vital to remember this when you are choosing a career. Before you invest your time and energy training for a role, it is essential to consider whether that job will still be needed in 10, 20, or even 30 years from now. While no one can predict the future, considering your career choice carefully is a great idea to ensure your skills will always be in demand. Thankfully, there are many jobs that cannot be completed by a computer or machine, which means there are still many careers out there perfect for both now and the future. If you want to choose a future-proof career, why not consider working in one of these industries:

Renewable Energy

As the world is becoming increasingly focused on becoming carbon neutral, a career in renewable energy could be an excellent choice. Learning more about the renewable energy industry by carrying out your own research and learning from people experienced in the sector, such as Geoff Hirson, is an excellent start. Finding out as much as you can about renewable energy and the different career choices available could be the start of a long and fulfilling career.


Healthcare is something that will always be in demand; unfortunately, people will always become ill and need someone to look after them. Working in healthcare allows you the chance to make a significant difference in people's lives. Delivering high-quality care to patients and seeing them make a recovery is a rewarding job and one that will always be needed. The great thing about healthcare is there are just so many different jobs available. From working as a doctor to a physical therapist or dentist, there are lots of choices available for anyone interested in pursuing a role in the healthcare sector.


Teaching is a popular career choice, and for a good reason. Children will always need teachers to educate them and equip them with the necessary tools to become successful adults. Online learning is a great resource, but being in a classroom interacting with their peers and teachers is excellent for kids' educational and social development. Teaching is another role that opens up a wide choice of possibilities. As a teacher, you could choose to teach young children in a kindergarten setting, or you may want to play a role in the education of teens at high school. But, whichever age group you decide to teach, you can be sure that your skills will be in demand and that you have the ability to make a big difference in the lives of the young people in your classroom.