How to Choose the Best Major at College – 5 Simple Tips

What you study can change the course of your career. Here's how to choose a college major that's right for you.

What you study in school can change the course of your career, and you must pick the right one. The best time to think about your major is at least a year before it is time to make the decision. By that time, you should have been able to consider all your options. Here are some tips that can help you to choose the best major.

What are your Abilities?

Your abilities refer to what skills you have, and in this case, what previous education you have. You are better off choosing a field in which you already have some knowledge. However, remember that you are there to learn, and so what you lack is not a setback but a chance to gather some new skills. Don’t be afraid of a new beginning since some good can come out of it.

What are your Passions?

It will be pointless choosing a major in which you have no interests let alone passions. An interest, however, is more volatile and so first,  find your passion and then choose a major based on that. Your love is a more powerful drive, which not only helps you start something but also aids in maintenance and longevity. Chances are, if you choose your major based on something you are passionate about, you are more likely to see it through even when you face obstacles. 

What is the Demand for It?

One of the essential questions to ask when choosing a major is concerned with how easy it will be to get a job afterward. After all, that’s the reason for getting the major anyway? So, before you choose that major, do your research into how employable it is. Another related question to ask is how versatile the field is because of a niche major narrows down how many people can get in. Education, for example, is a popular major to venture into because there is variety when it comes to the careers you can pursue once you qualify.

Is it Sustainable?

With the way technology is developing, some professions are at risk of becoming extinct. The onset of artificial intelligence and self-operating equipment is putting a lot of people out of jobs. So before choosing the major, try to look into the future to see if it will still be doing well. Do your research on whether there is any technology development to replace humans. That will help you to get a glimpse of whether career advancement will be pointless in that field after a while.

Does it Pay?

Working for free is not realistic. Whatever major you settle on should pay well enough to cater to at least your basic needs. Anything extra that comes from it will be a bonus. When deciding, factor in your future goals and plans to see if this major will help you achieve them before investing in it.

It will be helpful to speak to someone with expertise about the opportunities available to you in the majors you’re interested in. You will need all the assistance you can get so that you’re not stuck living a life you do not want.