How To Create A Good Space For Your Retail Store

How To Create A Good Space For Your Retail Store

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, says an old proverb. So, keeping this in mind, are you planning the layout of your retail store to give your customers a great first impression? If you're not sure, you can set up your store for success by following our advice.

Why Does The Layout Matter? 

In the busy online world of today, our attention spans are getting shorter, so we make decisions and judgments faster than ever before. So, you only have a few seconds to get your customer's attention before they stop paying attention and leave your store.

We're sure you'll agree that those seconds matter in a crowded retail market. So, it's important to plan a store layout that gives your customers a good shopping experience.

Here's How: 

Check Out How Other Stores Are Set-Up

Did you know that there are four main ways a store can be set up? We've written a short summary of each one below.

  • Think of the long aisles in a grocery store, with products on both sides. Grid layouts are cheap and useful, but they sometimes lack style.
  • Free-form store layout: Free-form store layouts work best in smaller, more personal shops. Customers can look around freely, and the overall look is creative and interesting if the space is used well.
  • The Racetrack store is set up so that the main aisle goes all the way around the store and back to the front door. This is also called a loop layout.
  • The spine store layout, or an arrow, is another name for it. layout, the store has one main aisle that customers walk down, but they go in different directions.
  • Talk to Eye Designs about the perfect layout design.

Plan Your Customers Journey 

Your customers need to be able to move easily and comfortably through your store without being stopped or slowed down. Include everyone in this planning stage, since your store should be open to everyone and easy to get to.

When making your floor plan, think about how high your shelves and displays should be and where you'll need to put your stock. What can't be changed about your store, like changing rooms or wide aisles, so that it doesn't get too crowded?

Test More Than Once 

Once you have decided on a layout, make sure it works well.

Ask groups of possible customers to look around the store and tell you what they think about how it looks and feels.

Throw in some coupons or freebies to thank them for their time. After all, good feedback will make your store the best it can be.

Consider All The Senses 

Even though looks are important, sight is only one of five senses that can be affected when shopping.

Think about how you want people to feel as they walk through your store, and plan the music, smells, and textures to make that happen.

For instance, the best level of sound for a store is between 40 and 64 decibels. By doing this, you'll make the experience better without making it too intense.

When it comes to smell, it has been shown that shoppers spend more money when they are surrounded by warmer smells like vanilla and cinnamon.

Make Sure The Layout Is Perfect 

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to set up a store. What works best depends on your brand, your products, your customers, and your goals.

So, you should learn about each type of retail store layout to figure out which one will work best for your space. As long as your store is well-stocked, easy to find your way around, and clean and organized, you'll find the right balance to keep customers coming back for more.