Substances You May Not Know You Were Exposed To

Substances You May Not Know You Were Exposed To

There is a shocking list of substances you may not know about that you are exposed to every day. The amounts are usually minimal and cause no harm, but some are extremely toxic.

Lung-Destroying Asbestos

In some places, the word “asbestos” is said in a low voice. But people used it a lot in the past, as far back as the Roman Empire. During the Victorian era, the mineral was used a lot in architecture because it was known to keep fires from spreading. But it causes a cancer called mesothelioma, which gets worse over time. Mesothelioma symptoms include severe chest pains, shortness of breath, and a persistent cough that gets worse over time.

Where there's Fire, There's Smoke

Most of the time, it's not the fire itself that kills people but the smoke they breathe in. The smell of smoke can make you feel sick, and it can hurt your eyes, nose, and throat. If you often breathe in a lot of smoke, your lungs work differently. For example, burns and clogs inside the body make it hard to breathe. So, if you spend too much time around fire, dangerous waste, or bonfires, you could slowly hurt your lungs and cause irreversible damage to your breathing.

Substances You May Not Know in Household Goods

There are so many things in our homes that can hurt us so badly that it's scary. For example, you could use most of the things under your kitchen sink to make explosives. That shows how dangerous they are. Some of these are cleaners for the kitchen, like bleach. But there are also things like antifreeze and nail polish remover that can kill you. And some other things that can cause cancer are scented candles, cheaper bedding products, and even processed meats.

Vehicle Carbon Emissions

We still don't know if we will reach Net Zero or not. But it isn't looking good. Most countries are way off from their goals. And things move too slowly in the auto industry. EVs are being sold more than ever. That's a given. But the business world seems to be moving slowly. Most notably, they didn't want to sell only electric cars and instead pushed hybrid SUVs. Because of this, diseases like asthma are still common and kill people in cities with a lot of pollution.

Easily-Ingested Organophosphates

Pesticides are often made from chemicals called organophosphates. They are found in many household items, like flea collars for pets, shampoos for people, and even food that people eat. They are used to kill pests on fruit, vegetables, and meats because they are so good at killing microorganisms. Organophosphates have been linked to ADHD and can even make it impossible to have children. Use vegan products and eat organic foods to stay away from them.


The list of harmful substances you may not know is extensive. Cases from exposure to asbestos are still being found. And there are poisons in household items such as candles. Additionally, you can ingest organophosphates used as pesticides on non-organic food.