How To Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Gadgets And Devices

Clearing out and organizing your home is a popular task undertaken by many homeowners as the colder season approaches. While decluttering, a lot of junk is generated, and homeowners are left to wonder whether to dispose of or reuse them.

One of the major things to declutter in your home is your unsed technology. Keeping unwanted tech around allows it to collect dust and waste valuable space, which is why it is best to remove them. In this post, we look at the possible ways of getting rid of unwanted gadgets or devices to ensure your home remains organized. 

Trade it in

One of the best ways to dispose of unwanted gadgets is by trading them in for something else, like new tech. Countless retailers are willing to let you trade in your tech for not just new tech but money, store credit, and even gift cards.

The amount you get in return is highly dependent on the age of your tech and its condition. Apple, for example, offers customers up to $125 in store credit when they bring in an Apple device or even a competitor's products. 


You might not want to throw away your unused tech or send it to the company as a trade, but you might think of the environment and consider recycling your tech. Recycling is also a great way to gain income once you submit your tech to recycling sites.

Companies' such as nyc ecycle recondition and sell these devices in developing countries where new tech is tough to attain due to high prices. Recycling is great because it is an environmentally friendly means of keeping harmful material at bay.

Selling your tech

Maybe you don't want to think about what else your unwanted device can be made into, but you require some additional income and fast. Your best bet is to sell your gadgets and devices. You can decide to sell them to other individuals or larger corporations like technology companies.

Some old devices are often refurbished, reused by others, or recycled into other usable products. It is a great way to keep unwanted devices out of your home without wondering where they went. Also, you're most likely to get a decent amount of money, even if you sold the device while spoilt. 


All through the year, charities host several e-waste donation programs in a bid to generate funds. Some of these charities receive items such as computers and phones, with the sole aim of providing them to youth in developing countries or people in need of emergency services through technology.

Some charities might pay you for your donation, and others might not. You must psych yourself for either outcome but also focus on the best part: that you're contributing to help someone in need. 

Getting rid of unwanted gadgets can be a huge job, but it is necessary to help you declutter your space. No matter the route you opt for, clear all your data from the phone before giving it out. All you need to do is a factory reset, and your device is ready for a new adventure.