How To Lose Weight Like A Millennial

Millennial life may look easy from the outside yet it is anything but. Take dieting for example. Studies show that even if you eat the same foods and exercise as much as your parents, you’re likely to be heavier. Unfortunately, advancements in technology haven’t helped millennials in the health department.

Whether its meat antibiotics or pesticides, lots of things contribute to weight gain. The good news is that technology is also the solution. Yep, if you embrace millennial life, there’s a chance you can shed the pounds and reach your target weight.

Here are things to keep in mind.

Mobile App

There is an application for everything these days, and weight loss is no exception. At the moment, Noom is very popular among the younger generations because of its new age approach.

Pairing users with experts, you are constantly in contact with an expert who can answer your questions and provide advice. Not only that, but a daily food journal allows you to see where you are going wrong.

This app will help you lose weight, even if you've tried everything, and all you have to do is download from the App Store. There is nothing easier than logging into an application and monitoring your journey.

Texts And Emails

Nothing is as Millennial-like as a text or an email. In a world where multitasking is king, these messages let you get on with your day without interruption. Well, there is another string to their bow too. It’s been revealed that motivational messages are the key to making good decisions diet-wise. Apparently, a reminder of your calorie budget will prevent you from snacking and gorging on unhealthy treats. With a friend who is willing to send a text, email or tweet per day, you’ll find dieting ten times easier. Or, you can set an alarm reminder on your phone.


You think you understand your body and then hunger strikes. Or is it something else?

The truth is that plenty of people mistake the feeling in their lower intestine as a sign they need to eat when it may be something different. That’s why dieters who drink water before a meal tend to consume 90 calories less.

Sure, it’s because water is filling and bloats the stomach, but it’s also due to the fact it displaces hunger. Oh, and it means you will drink fewer soft drinks too. There’s nothing like a fresh glass of H2O pre-dinner for weight loss.

Growth Hormones

Meat is full of ingredients that you couldn’t place if they punched you in the face. Growth hormones are what farmers inject their animals to make them bigger and juicier, raising their profit margins. However, they also contribute to weight gain because they don’t provide vital nutrients, and they include dead calories. Choosing grass-fed meat products should boost protein levels in the body and make you leaner and more toned.

If you don’t know how to find grass-fed meat products, remember that organic produce has to use natural ingredients.