Retro De-Stress Tools: Do They Work?

Retro De-Stress Tools: Do They Work?

Everyone is aware of the role stress plays in life. Too much of it and your body and mind are bound to suffer. As cortisol levels rise, it’s easy to let anxiety dictate your life. Not only that, but there’s an increase in blood pressure too and that puts extra pressure on the vital organs.

Relieving stress is the key, and there are plenty of options on the table. Instead of opting for modern methods, you want to go old-school. After all, they are basic and accessible. But, are they effective?

Take a look underneath to find out more.


Letting the tears build and then cascade down your cheek isn’t always a good idea. It’s almost as if you can’t stop once you have broken the seal. However, there is nothing wrong with a good cry when life gets too much.

Why? It’s because the process is an excellent way to reset your emotional health as it is an outlet for your feelings. Also, there’s evidence to suggest that the tears contain elements of stress too.

The Huffington Post details how crying purifies stress and negativity, two things you want less of in your life. So, the next time you are on the verge of tears, let them flow.

Drinking Alcohol

Probably the most old-fashioned method of stress release is to sit in front of the television with a glass of wine or a beer. And, while it may relax you in the short-term, it’s not great for your long-term health.

Considering alcohol is a form of poison, it isn’t healthy for the vital organs especially the liver. But, the bigger problem is developing an addiction according to Resolutions Behavioral Health.

Equating stress with liquor will encourage you to reach for a bottle every time you’re tense. And, that could become a regular thing as there are dozens of stressors in the average person’s life.

Writing An Angry Letter

As soon as your emotions begin to flow, you will feel as if a weight is lifting off your shoulders. A letter, then, may be the perfect way to free yourself from the burden. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar or anything other than spewing out your consciousness and you’ll instantly feel better.

A word of warning: don’t read it or show anyone. Otherwise, you’ll have to relive the emotions all over again and the process will be voided. Burn it, shred it, and throw it in the trash asap.

Break Something

This is very similar to drinking alcohol to relax. Sure, it feels great at first but it’s the lasting effects that are harmful. The only way you’ll be able to release stress is by breaking something as the other techniques won’t work.

In a controlled environment, this isn’t too much of a problem, but what if the tension boils over in a public place? In this scenario, your emotions may become so intense that you lash out use violence as the answer to your issues.

The answer is: some are effective and others aren’t. The trick is to find the tools that help you to release stress positively.