How to Prepare for a Great Hypnobirthing Experience

How to Prepare for a Great Hypnobirthing Experience

Get Ready for an Amazing Birth

Congratulations on your choice to have a hypnobirth! As many women are discovering, hypnobirthing is an ideal way to train your mind and your body to relax, so that you can have a wonderful childbirth experience when the time comes. Many women who have had a hypnobirth claim that they had painless or nearly painless childbirth and that the methods employed through hypnosis allowed them to achieve incredible relaxation during pregnancy and labor.

I have the experience to say that it does work, and preparing yourself now through your hypnobirthing course or program will give you the opportunity to reach a very relaxed state of mind during your labor and birth.

Here I will be giving you advice and encouragement on how you can better prepare yourself for your hypnobirth throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

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Attend Hypnobirthing Classes

If your hypnobirthing program offers classes in your area, I encourage you to go. Not only will you be able to learn the techniques more in depth, but you’ll be able to have support from a trained hypnobirthing practitioner as well as other mothers and couples who are planning a hypnobirth.

Books, manuals, and CDs do a good job of explaining things, but it’s nothing like being taught in person. It will also force you and your partner to take some time out of your busy lives and spend some time together thinking about the birth of your baby and preparing for labor together.

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It can sometimes be hard for partners to get in that same frame of mind about the impending birth. Classes are a good way for them to get their minds focused on the events to come and become more in tune with each other.

How to Prepare for a Great Hypnobirthing Experience

Hypnobirthing Programs

There are several different hypnobirthing programs out there. Here are just some of the most popular:

  • Hypnobirthing The Mongan Method – Developed by Marie F. Mongan, there is a book available along with audio CDs and live classes around the country.
  • Hypnobabies – A very popular hypnobirthing program with a home study course option and classes in person.
  • The Leclaire Method – The Leclaire Method focuses on a painless, natural childbirth method and offers in-person classes.

Read the Material

Take the time to read through your hypnobirthing book or manual. Your classes should cover everything, but sometimes you will notice things in the book that you missed in class.

Your instructor will likely give you a reading assignment before the next class. Try to sit down with your partner and go over it.

Listen to Your Hypnobirthing Tracks Daily

The more you listen to your hypnobirthing CDs and practice, the easier the relaxation will become during labor. Remember that what you are doing is training your mind and body to instantly relax upon hearing your hypnobirthing tracks or ques.

If you wish, you can also train yourself to relax to other CDs and music. Ask your hypnobirthing instructor about this to see if this option is best for you.

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Tips for Relaxing and Listening to Your Hypnobirthing CDs

When I first began listening to my hypnobirthing CDs, I was so afraid I was doing it wrong. At first, it was hard to relax. Then, I kept falling asleep! The truth is, it's really hard to listen to them the “wrong” way. The trick is to not think about it too much and just enjoy it.

Just relax. It's hard to do at first, but eventually, you'll get to the point where your CDs instantly calm you. Just keep at it.

It's okay if you fall asleep. It means that your body associates the CD with sleep and relaxation, and your mind is still working and taking in all of the positive sounds while your body is resting.

Practice With Your Partner and/or Doula

Make sure that your partner is aware of how your hypnobirthing program works, and practice with them when possible. Depending on the program, there may be ques that they can recite to you or they can just help you find a comfortable spot, rub your back, and keep the house quite while you listen to your hypnobirthing tracks.

It’s important that everyone present during your birth understand what it is you’ll be doing and that they will need to remain respectful of the level of noise in the room and distractions. If you prepare yourself well, distractions won’t be a problem in most cases, as you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in your own relaxing world.


Listening to your hypnobirthing relaxation music regularly is a great way to relax and prepare for the birth of your baby.

Do you listen to your hypnobirthing tracks every day?

What method of hypnobirthing have you chosen?

Vanessa Pruitt, PLMHP, MS

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  1. As we’re thinking about having another baby this intrigues me. Would this apply to a VBAC scenario? I’m still trying to figure out if I’d be a candidate for VBAC, my son didn’t fit past my pelvic bone (BIG head), and my daughter was an automatic c-section when I didn’t really know enough about other options. I really like the thought that it could also help with sleep!

    1. Absolutely it can be for VBAC and even for calming during a Csection, so no matter what happens you’ll be prepared. I absolutely loved my hypnobirth and was really disappointed in myself that I did not practice enough with my fourth baby. Practice is definitely the key.

      1. Definitely something for me to look into more. We’re still debating about the third baby, at least for timing, but I like the idea of having options. Good that it can be calming during a C-section if I ended up with that again, because I’ve had difficulty with that in the past. My first I ended up under general anesthetic as the spinal didn’t work, and the second the numbness went too high and I couldn’t swallow, causing some panic.

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