How To Throw An Employee Party That Doesn’t Suck

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With Christmas coming up (at the time of writing), you might be planning to throw a party soon anyway. 

However, there are all kinds of other reasons to throw a party for your employees.

So, you might celebrate birthdays within your business, for example, or to boost employee productivity, you might host the occasional party as a reward for the hard work your team has put in. And hey, you might simply throw a party for the heck of it, because why not?

Still, whatever the reason for your employee party, you want it to be a good one. As you have probably experienced in your life, such events can border on dullsville. People stand around looking uncomfortable, wishing they were anywhere but with the folks, they see on a daily basis. Food offerings are often drab affairs, with limp sandwiches and limited snack options. And there is always that one person who decides to liven things up with their usual party trick (probably balancing a spoon on their nose). As we said, dullsville.

Don't let that be your employee party. Instead, consider the following suggestions.

#1: Don't hold the party in your office space

You're hardly likely to get the party atmosphere if your employees are forced to congregate near their place of work. No matter how many colorful blankets you throw over the photocopier, your team will still know it's looming in the corner.

Instead, hire a venue for your party, as this will give you all an escape from the workplace. Venues such as Mint Springs Farm come equipped with catering and sound systems too, so if you choose similarly, you won't have to fork out on any extra services if you are trying to keep costs down.

#2: Let your staff have a say in the planning

You might be the boss of the office, but you don't have to rule over the party. The more your employees can get involved with the planning, the less likely they are to make excuses and leave the party early. It will make your life easier too, as you won't have to think about everything.

So, let them suggest ideas for the party, from the entertainment that could be organized to the types of food and drinks that could be made available. And be sure to let them share what they don't want from the party too, as there might be people on your team who feel uncomfortable in certain settings. Not everybody will be thrilled about fancy dress, for example.

#3: Let your hair down too

It's a party, right? However, your staff won't feel like celebrating if you're constantly monitoring how much they drink, or if you're glaring at them every time they make a coarse joke. While you don't want your employees going off the rails, you do want them to have a good time. And the best way to do this is to have a good time yourself. So, let your hair down (literally if it's bunched up at the office), and have fun with your team. Not only will this make the party swing, but it might also act as a bonding opportunity for you and your employees. This might then improve the working relationship you have with them in the office. 

So, we hope these suggestions were useful to you. And if you have any ideas of your own, perhaps from employee parties you have organized or attended yourself, then be sure to share them with us.

Take care, and thanks for reading!