How To Turn Your Love Of Photography Into Becoming A Product Photographer

One of the easiest ways to break into the photography industry is to find a niche and become known as the person who specializes in a certain area. For instance, there are videographers who make sizzle reels for brands that help them stand out from the competition. There aren’t many of them so they stand out.

You can do the same as a product photographer by being the person who everybody wants to use to make their product pop. If you have a lot of skill with knowing how to frame a product well and understand indoor photography lighting, then you can set yourself apart and make a nice living as a product photographer. 

In this article, we will go over several things you need to do to become a successful product photographer. 

Niche it down

You’ve already gotten down to a sub-niche in the photography industry by looking into product photography rather than a broad-topic photographer. However, it pays off to go even more narrow to really stand out.

Pick a topic that interests you most or that you feel you could really make something special with and focus there. An example would be somebody that not only does product photographs but specializes in kids’ toys. It doesn’t matter what it is but if you focus on one small subject then the brands will come looking for you as you have a name within that niche. 

Have a marketing strategy

When you need to hunt down clients, you go from being a photographer to being a marketer very quickly. You have to get your name out there and try to generate some interest so people can find you. 

Have a presence on the right social media platforms for starters. The key is to create good, engaging content that people want to consume and share. This will build up a following and establish you as an authority on the topic.

Then, have a website not just as a portfolio, but as a way for people to find you through SEO. When they search for the best kids’ toys photographer, then they should be able to find your blog. At this point, they will see your portfolio and know what you’re capable of doing for them. 

The way to get them onto your website is to create content across multiple channels. On the blog itself, the content should be helpful and created around keywords that people are searching for. Then, create good content on social media, Youtube, and even a podcast about the topic of photography and direct people to your site.


One of the best ways to get clients is the old fashioned way. Networking is still very effective at finding clients but it’s also great to have support in people that understand you and what you’re dealing with. 

Professional networks are essential to have a community to lean on and people that you can do business with.