How to Use Sacred Cacao Ceremony for Self-Healing

How to Use Sacred Cacao Ceremony for Self-Healing

Cacao is a plant that Mesoamerican cultures have used for more than 3,000 years. It was originally cultivated as a food crop and then later used in traditional ceremonies. Today it's gaining popularity because of its many health benefits. One such benefit is the ability to help with self-healing from trauma, addiction, or other emotional distress. A sacred cacao ceremony can be beneficial because it allows you to take time out of your day to focus on yourself without distractions!

Health benefits of sacred cacao

Sacred cacao ceremonies use the cacao plant, which is a psychoactive stimulant. It can be used as an antidepressant or to help with addiction because it releases endorphins and serotonin in the brain, making you feel happy!

The cacao plant contains high magnesium and amino acids, which can help ease anxiety or depression.

It also has a high antioxidant content that may reduce the risk of heart disease because it combats free radicals!

The cacao plant is rich in phytonutrients, including polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins (which are found in green tea).

Cacao actually has more antioxidants than blueberries!

If you are looking for an easy way to feel better about yourself in the morning or want an excuse to take some time out of your day to focus on yourself, then a sacred cacao ceremony may be just the ticket.

What is Sacred Cacao Ceremony?

A sacred cacao ceremony is a contemplative practice that combines the benefits of meditation with delicious and nutritious cacao. It can be performed alone or in groups by people looking to enhance their mental health and physical state through mindful eating habits.

The ceremony starts with a prayer or intention that is shared among those participating. The ceremony also has specific instructions for consuming the cacao, including listening to it and letting its flavors affect your senses before you taste them.

Why do a sacred cacao ceremony?

Not only does the cacao offer many healthful properties, but the ceremony itself has the potential to offer healing benefits through meditation. The plant is a catalyst for change because it can cause one's awareness of both external and internal realities, making one more mindful in every moment leading up to and during consumption.

There are many reasons why someone might want or need an escape from reality, but becoming increasingly aware of oneself is an important one. Taking time to focus on oneself may be necessary to regain mental clarity and balance, reduce stress levels, or simply find a sense of peace during a challenging period in life.

The cacao ceremony can offer this introspection without any drugs because it doesn't include hallucinogenic properties like other substances often used recreationally.

How to do a sacred cacao ceremony

Doing your own sacred cacao ceremony is relatively simple and requires nothing more than some patience and a little preparation.

The first step is to find or grow the cacao beans from which you'll make your drink. You can also purchase organic, fair trade-certified cocoa powder in bulk at many natural food stores if this sounds too daunting. Once you've found all of the ingredients, you can set up a space for the ceremony.

Find a calm space and put on some calming music. If you want to go all-out, you can light candles or incense and engage in any other rituals that will help you feel at peace with yourself before starting. It's also helpful to clear your mind of distractions by turning off your cell phone and taking some deep breaths.

In a mortar and pestle, grind the cacao beans with a little water until you've created a smooth paste. Make sure there are no big chunks of cocoa left un-ground! Add this mixture to boiling water or almond milk in your favorite spot on the stovetop. Stir constantly for about five minutes until the cacao paste has dissolved.

Once your chocolate is ready, you can mix in any of these ingredients: sugar, cinnamon, ground almonds, or hazelnuts for a creamier consistency (these are optional). You may also choose to add some sea salt. Stir those flavors together and then pour them into bowls to enjoy.

You can also drink your cacao as a hot beverage or cold elixir – remember to strain the mixture to remove any un-dissolved chunks of cocoa and serve with milk, almond milk, cashew cream, or coconut water! The recipe is so versatile that you might find yourself enjoying it first thing in the morning as a substitute for coffee or tea, as a midday snack, and before bed to help you sleep.

Other ways to enjoy sacred cacao

If you don't feel comfortable doing the ritual personally, some shops offer private cacao ceremonies for a fee. Or, if you know someone who already has experience conducting the ceremony, they may be willing to help you through the process.

You could invite the “expert” and some friends for a social gathering. The ceremony can be a great way to bond and share wisdom between participants.

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In Conclusion: Sacred Cacao Ceremony is an engaging, mind-opening experience that can help you on your journey of self-healing. Give yourself the gift of this ceremony today by following these simple steps!

Ian Walsh