10 Great Twitter Responses to “Heterosexual Pride Day” Nonsense

Heterosexual Pride Day Nonsense

So, apparently a bunch of straight people got together and decided that “Heterosexual Pride Day” needed to be a thing.

I can't imagine anyone being dumb enough to think that straight people actually need a day to celebrate their straightness. After all, every day is basically a day celebrating straightness all over the world. So, I can only imagine that this heterosexual pride day is a product of homophobic hatred and passive-aggression.

Of course, heterosexual pride day has been slammed badly on the internet, especially on twitter.

Here are just some of my favorite comments speaking out against “Heterosexual Pride Day”…















By it's very nature, a hetero pride day cannot stand for anything even remotely close to what Gay Pride stands for. Gay Pride is about celebrating diversity and all-inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community and it's supporters. It's about taking back love and civil rights for a people who's society has and continues to oppress them.  It's about creating a safe place to show the world that LGBTQ people are a part of our communities and our lives everyday, and that they no longer want to feel ashamed for that.

Straight “pride” would do the exact opposite. It would celebrate the privilege that straight people have in everyday life, being able to walk around without hiding bits and pieces of themselves in order to be accepted. It would celebrate the fact that people are rewarded for walking the “straight” path through life, and that many are punished and treated badly for veering from a hetero-normative lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on #heterosexualprideday ?


Ian Walsh