Is Millennial Dating Broken?

There is no doubt that millennials date much differently than other generations that have come before them. With a plethora of dating apps, online sites, random hook-ups, and postponed marriages, it is easy to see that in many ways millennial dating is broken.

All generations have their own issues. Keep in mind that there are many problems that millennials face more frequently than others.

That is not to say that millennials are the worst at cultivating relationships. They have unique problems that plague their age group – specifically brought on by new technology.

Many psychologists argue that millennial relationships are quite similar to other generations. However, they appear different due to smartphones. Social media and phones affect millennials more than most other generations, but the emotions brought on by certain actions are apparent throughout the last several decades.

Here are the eight most common dating issues that ruin millennials' dating lives.

1. Different Goals

In this day and age, there are so many options to where your future may lie. The plethora of options results in free-spirited millennials who do not have to settle down right away and get married in a hurry.

Millennials prioritize their time. They have the freedom to accomplish whatever they feel is right in their heart such as traveling the world or focusing heavily on their career path. Sometimes this may translate as an entirely different vision for their future than their significant other.

Plenty of millennials make decisions, both small and large, about their future without their significant other in mind. Granted, this is not the case for all relationships.

Taking the time to discuss plans with your partner early on allows for a chance to compare future goals. Failure to do so may result in more heartbreak later on.

2. Poor Communication Skills

This generation relies heavily on texting and social media to conversate. This may translate into poor in-person communication skills later down the line.

Lack of communication and the inability to communicate how one feels are two common issues amongst millennial relationships. Sending a tweet or text is simple and comfortable; however, these forms of communication typically lack depth and disregard crucial conversations.

It is important to have significant conversations in person rather than over social media or text. Face-to-face discussions provide a way to express what is on your mind in more than 240 characters.

3. Jealousy Over Social Media

Small actions on social media may have considerable consequences in relationships. Liking a photo or commenting on a post can result in an upset partner and feelings of jealousy.

In this case, jealousy is not productive. The amount of platforms available is uncanny. Do not read heavily into someone's social media actions unless you have evidence that proves infidelity.

A “like” is nothing more than a click on a screen.

4. Anxiety About The Future

Anxiety is a growing issue amongst millennials both single and dating. Many of them fear the uncertainty of the future, and this reflects into their relationships.

Unlike previous generations, they lack security in several areas of their life. It is much more difficult to purchase a home. Apartment rental costs are rising year after year. Obtaining a stable employment situation is not as easy as it once ones. Companies are continually downsizing, resulting in substantial layoffs.

Ultimately, this generation is afraid to make decisions as they fear the idea of choosing the wrong one. In this mindset, it is hard for them to trust their instincts and nurture a healthy relationship.

Combat having anxiety about the future by seeking coping strategies and possibly a mental health professional.

5. “Phubbing”

“Phubbing” is the action of when someone ignores their partner by utilizing their phone instead of remaining present.

In this day and age, couples focus on a million things at once and ignore their partners in the process. This may be unintentional; however, it still sends the message that your significant other is not on the top of your list and that you would instead focus on anything else.

Prioritizing the time spent with your partner is essential.

The solution to this far too common issue is to create no-phone rules. Some couples leave their phones in the car when they go out on date nights, while others leave their phones in a separate room every evening to ensure they get to spend quality time together.

6. Social Media and Oversharing

In previous generations, many couples discussed their feelings with their friends over their landlines or during work.

It is common for people to over explain over many forms of social media as some people use it as an outlet for their emotions. Oversharing on social media gets messy when mentioning your partner.

Sharing intimate details about your relationship often translates to devaluing your partner's emotions and violating one's trust.

The difference between previous generations and now is that information is available to a broad audience. There is nothing wrong with actively using social media, however, keep some aspects of your relationship private.

7. Infidelity

Cheating is nothing new as it has been around for centuries. Keep in mind that the Internet allows infidelity to occur in many different forms.

Dating apps such as Tinder allow users to swipe right on individuals they find attractive. If that same individual swipes right on them, they can message one another on the app. Some people have Tinder accounts while they are in a relationship. “Swiping right” may constitute as cheating as it is somewhat equivalent to asking for someone's number.

8. Living Situations

Sharing a living space may leave more money in your wallet, but it may also shift the dynamic of your relationship.

More millennials stay at home longer than previous generations. It is difficult to have a mature relationship while living by your parent's rules or sneaking your partner inside.

It is also common for millennials to live with multiple roommates. Again, this may be great for your wallet, but no one enjoys sneaking around their partner's apartment because they have three or four other roommates.

While these issues do not exist for everyone, it is essential to fix the problems that are plaguing your dating life as a millennial. Additionally, you might want to look into how to develop and stay in a community to help you step into a healthy dating life.

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