Maximize Your Health And Reduce Doctor Anxiety

Whether you require medical help to reduce your pain or to seek advice for mental health, it is always important to reach out to your doctor. 

Should you suffer from doctor anxiety, there are ways to put your mind at ease. These tips should help you feel more comfortable booking appointments and attending them, which can help you to enhance your health and wellbeing. 

Book appointments online

You might suffer from doctor anxiety due to feeling uncomfortable talking on the phone. If so, you can book an appointment online without missing the phone call step. 

Should you want to make an appointment or let the doctor know what the issue is when you have it on your mind, then you can submit a form and make an online doctor appointment when it feels right for you. Using an online booking system might put you at ease or ensure that you don’t forget to do it should you remember to book the appointment outside of phoneline hours.

Book appointments during hours that you feel most comfortable

You don’t have to attend the doctor when it suits them. If you let them know about your anxiety, they will tailor it to your needs. 

If you prefer to attend an appointment in the morning, then book it so you can get it out of the way. Having your appointment when it suits you will ensure you maintain the most comfort and ease. 

Take someone with you (or something)

If there is something that you can take with you that will put your mind at ease (a friend, family member, or other distraction), then take it. It will help the experience feel more comfortable and help you relax. 

If you have to go alone for any reason, it might help to take a distraction with you. A book, music, or something to do while sitting in the waiting room can help pass the time and reduce your anxiety. 

Try breathwork

If you feel anxious about seeing the doctor at any point (while in the waiting or anytime before your appointment) then it can help to try breathwork. Slowing down the breath and the heart rate will help you feel calmer and more at peace. 

A good practice is to stare at a door or square object. While focusing on one corner, take an inhale. Then trace your eyes to the corner in the next direction (clockwise) and hold your breath. Then take your eyes to the next corner and let out the breath. The final corner should be where you hold out your exhale. Then, start again. These steps should help you focus on the present, attain a calmer mind, and feel less anxious. 

These small steps can significantly affect how anxious you feel about attending the doctor. Simply booking online and trying different breathing techniques might help to reduce or eliminate your anxiety.