7 Ways to Reduce Your Pain

Many people live with pain every day. Whether they have a chronic illness, a recently diagnosed disease, or a temporary illness or injury that is causing them trouble, pain can be very hard to live with.

The good news, if you are dealing with it, is that there are lots of things you can do to reduce your pain levels a little or a lot…

  1. Learn to meditate

Meditation is an amazing tool for life. You can use it to reduce the amount of mental distress you experience. You can also use it to reduce your physical distress too. If you are in a lot of pain, learning to meditate is essential. It will help you to get in tune with your body. It will help you understand and transform your pain, It will help you to lead a better life. It really is that simple.

  1. Support your body

Supporting your body is a great way to minimize your pain. From wearing compression stockings to avoid aches to using yoga to strengthen your muscles, anything you can do to support your body will help to reduce your pain.

  1. Focus on something else

Sometimes, just focusing on something else can minimize your pain. Although pain can be physical, it can have a mental component too. The more you think about your pain, the more it bothers you. So, do something to distract yourself instead. Sketch your pets, go for a walk, watch a great TV show. The less time spent dwelling on the pain, the less the pain will affect you.

  1. Seek therapy

If your pain is really bothering you, seek therapy. Pain management isn’t just about medication. Yes, you might need painkillers for your health. However, you will find that focusing on your feelings around pain can help too. A good therapist will be able to talk you through this.

  1. Talk to peers

Talking to people who understand pain can help too. Look for local support groups and join up. Tell them your story. Listen to their story. Ask for pain management tips and share yours. The more support you have when dealing with pain, the better.

  1. Do yoga

Many people find gentle exercise helps with their pain. Yoga is good because it focuses on body and mind. Pain has a large mental component. So, by connecting body and mind you can really he;p yourself.

If yoga isn’t your thing, walking could help. Gentle exercise has been proven to help manage pain levels.

  1. Talk to your doctor

Of course, if your pain does not improve, a doctor may be needed. Doctors can help with pain medication and exercises. They can also refer you on to specialists, so do not discount their help.


Pain is tough but you can learn to live with it. One way to do this is by reducing its impact on you. You can do this by supporting your body. You can do this by training your mind. You can do this.