Natural Body Care for the Whole Family

There’s nothing like a good shampoo, indulgent facial or warm bath to put a positive spin on the day. Knowing which products to choose for your hair, skin and nails, however, can be a challenge. Whether your goal is total relaxation, a better complexion or more lustrous locks, there are natural ways to achieve top results for yourself and your family.

The following tips for natural body care will bring you and your loved ones together, teaching everyone the beauty of independence and self-care.

Create an everyday routine.

The human body requires daily attention; this goes for all people of all ages. That means washing, drying and styling often. No one likes to feel rushed when attempting to unwind in the bath or shower. If you share bathrooms, come up with a family schedule for a simple solution to high-traffic periods.

Very young children can share bath time together to save time and create a special time for family bonding. Be sure to incorporate games with kid-friendly toys that will make bath time even more fun. When children have a regular routine, it allows adults to have their own relaxation regimen.

Find gentle and effective products.

Men, women and children of all ages can benefit from using natural products to cleanse and condition the hair, skin and nails. Many companies will claim that a product has natural ingredients, but they actually contain more chemicals than anything. For this reason, always check the labels on your beauty products, and make sure that the natural ingredients are listed first to ensure that they’re plentiful.


When it comes to the skin, remember to cleanse, tone and moisturize using products formulated for each skin type. The skin stays nourished with natural formulas that include antioxidants like Vitamin C and botanical extracts like Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Grapefruit in a hydrating base.

Exfoliate weekly to remove dead skin cells that can linger, leading to a dull complexion and clogged pores. Daily sun protection is also important, and it’s a great habit to instill in your children at a young age so they don’t have to learn the hard way about blisters and burns.


Nails can be kept unpolished and neatly filed for the most natural results. If polish is desired, choose a formula without harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde and Toluene. Always paint the nails and remove polish in a well-ventilated area.


Shampoo is a fairly recent invention. Prior to its invention, people (typically women) washed their hair with natural ingredients, such as an egg shampoo or chamomile shampoo. Today, these ingredients still offer a gentle alternative to harsh cleansers that strip and dry out the hair. Conditioners should hydrate and enhance shine to tame tresses and reduce tangles. For best results, wash and condition the hair with tepid or cool water.

Use body care as a way to teach your children about hygiene.

Young boys and girls love to feel like grown-ups capable of caring for themselves. When you make grooming enjoyable, your children will take pride and delight in caring for themselves. To make any activity fun, ask your child what he or she enjoys most about it. Likely it involves creative play with bath toys, hair clips, shiny bubbles and yummy-smelling gels and creams.

Once you make hygiene a fun aspect the whole family can enjoy, you will teach your children to be more self-reliant and free up some time for yourself in the process. As with a car, pet and home, regular upkeep is essential to your efforts. Keep things fun and light, and everyone will benefit.


About the Author:

Sara Kosmyna is a freelance writer and licensed cosmetologist with over five years of professional experience. She has written a number of essays and articles on love, beauty, career, happiness, family and self-improvement. Her work has been published in print and online. She works for Mario Badescu.

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