Sailing Around the World on the Cheap

Sailing Around the World on the Cheap

Sailing and boating are not only for the rich or retired! There are plenty of ways that you can sail around the world on a reasonable budget. Actually, life on the water can be cheaper than living on land if you know how to regulate your money. As young individuals, we are always trying to get into something new, but don’t necessarily have the funding to do so. But, if you have ever wanted to sail around the world (before you get too old), here are a few ways to do it on a reasonable budget. 

Start by getting a small, simple boat. If you purchase the biggest one you can with the money you have, you probably will not be able to maintain it. Boats are always in need of repairs and upgrades, which you need to budget for. Most of the time, the more complicated and fancy the boat is, the more it costs to keep it that way. 

It is also a good idea to start honing in on your crafting skills. Hiring professionals is expensive. If you don’t want all of your money to go to repairs, it’s time to learn some boating DIY. You can learn through the help of the internet, how to maintain and repair almost anything on your own. This will cut your costs of maintenance down significantly. 

If you really want to keep it cheap, try not to anchor at marinas. Instead, try anchoring out as long as it is safe to do so. Even though docking in a marina is fun and convenient, it will run you out of money fast. If you really cannot give up the comfort and fun of docking, research some prices and look for discounts wherever you can. 

You will need to find ways to keep earning an income out on the water. This will most likely require Internet access, but who doesn’t know how to rig it up these days? You should look into freelance and other digital jobs as they allow you to work at your convenience, keeping you on the water longer and with a consistent income. 

Be smart about where you are sailing. Talk to an expert maritime accident attorney to learn about places that are more dangerous and accident-prone (this is also a good idea in general so you know what to do in the event of an accident). There are also certain places that cost more to travel to than others. This includes docking to stop and tour towns (choose cheaper cities so you won’t spend as much).

At the end of the day, it is important to know your limits. Plenty of young sailors have set out for more than they can achieve and end up cutting their trip short. Make sure you budget carefully and keep track of all expenses throughout your journey.