Scents of Rosemary Bring Meaning To Christmas

I love my herbs as much as my heirlooms for the folklore and the history. Have you ever noticed all the pretty little Rosemary Christmas Tree Topiary's at the market for the Holiday's? I've always thought they make such splendid little trees for Christmas.

There are tales told of Rosemary as far back as biblical times. It was said that the Virgin Mary had thrown her blue cloak over a Rosemary bush that bloomed of white, and from that time on it has always bloomed blue as remembrance of the Birth of Christ.

Folks during the Victorian era would lay sprigs of Rosemary on the floor all around the base of their Christmas trees, so that as one stepped upon them the sprigs would release their fragrance thus to remember Christ.

There are symbols to which each herb may represent and as for Rosemary, it is of course remembrance and friendship.

Rosemary Cuttings Staying Warm for Winter

Be sure to have your Rosemary ready  to do cuttings for winter.You will want to be sure to have plenty to decorate with all around the house.

It is also a companion plant for my lovely little carrot sprouts to deter the carrot fly. It works great sprinkled or growing with all the cabbages and broccoli plants growing in the fall and winter garden too! No cabbage loopers to hand pick once this fabulous herbal companion is incorporated throughout the garden. Nor will you find the cabbage moth flying about.

As I take my cuttings, all the extra needle like leaves I remove from the bottom of the stems, I will sprinkle around in the beds where my carrots and cabbages are growing.

Make Your Own Willow Tea as a natural root hormone to get your cuttings off to a great start.  If a Willow Tree is not available simply water the cuttings in with some organic manure tea. Find out more here in a previous article.

Rosemary Cuttings Ready for Soil

By planting companion herbs directly in the garden with your vegetables and fruits you'll begin to discover how they assist you with a vast array of organic growing efforts.

So by all means enjoy your Rosemary for Christmas this winter. Gaze upon it with remembrance of Christ for it shall bloom of blue. Happy Gardening!

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