Seeking a New Career? Here’s What to Do

Seeking a New Career? Here's What to Do

Right now, many people are searching for new job roles. There are countless reasons behind this. Many people have been spurred on by the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic. Changes to social interactions, with governments around the world discouraging face to face contact between people wherever possible, meant that many companies began to struggle and fail. Some collapsed.

Some made staff redundant. This left swathes of people without work and looking for new roles. Then, many people were furloughed and given enough time to consider their career and determine that it may not be the direction they actually wanted to head in with their work. Many people became disillusioned and decided the next best step would be to start afresh and choose a new role or industry to work in. Some people have simply recently decided that now is a time for change. Whatever your reason for seeking a new role, here are some great pieces of advice to help you along the way!

Consider the Industry and Position You Want to Work In

What industry and role do you want to work in? Some people will have a clear idea of this. Some will need more time to think it over. There are endless positions out there.

You may find that you need to undertake training or start over again from the bottom of the career ladder to break into the positions and companies you want. You may simply be switching from one company to another in a similar or the same role. Make sure you’re clear on what kind of work you’re looking to land before getting started on your job hunt.

What Mode of Working Do You Want?

Different modes of working are now in place. Sure, a couple of years ago, the majority of employees worked in commercial premises, whether that was brick and mortar stores, offices or elsewhere. Since the rise of remote working during the pandemic, many businesses have decided to stick with this working model, finding that it costs them less money, makes room for more profit and their staff are happier working comfortably from their own home without having to commute.

Only you can know what mode of working works best for you. Some people prefer to collaborate in-person. Some prefer the independence, privacy and low cost of home work. Knowing where you’d like to work from can help you to filter through roles, finding what’s appropriate for you.

Update Your Resume

If you’re switching up your roles, it’s a good idea to update your resume. It should be specific to the position you’re applying for. Your resume is what will get your foot in the door, taking you from where you are to securing an interview. Use Resume Writing services for the best results and chances.

Prepare for Interview

Even before you’ve secured an interview, you should start some personal training. Look up and prepare answers to common and generic interview questions. Once you’re offered an interview for a specific role, you can start to research the company and position to better prepare yourself.

Hopefully, some of the tips above should help to get the ball rolling on your new career path. Each can make all the difference, so give them a go!