Top Tips For Updating Your Business Wardrobe

Top Tips For Updating Your Business Wardrobe

Maybe you're about to start a new job, or you feel your current work wardrobe feels tired and you’d like a change. With a few top tips, you can easily update your business wardrobe to take you into a new era. 

Keep It Smart Yet Simple

By keeping the basis of each outfit simple, you create a smart look that is easy to dress up or down, according to your needs or mood. Well-fitting dark jeans or trousers are a good start for both women and men. They look great paired with blouses or a smart top; alternatively, a business shirt and jacket are a classic office look. 

Professional Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, so bring a touch of class to the office with a leather card holder. You’ll keep your business cards in pristine condition and make an impression of success when you pull the holder out. Discretely tucked into a jacket or trouser pocket, it won’t get lost when out and about but will complement any outfit fantastically.


If your work shoes look scuffed and worn, it's time to update them for a fresh and professional look. Looking untidy is not a good office look, and that goes for your feet as much as the rest of your clothes. 

For the girls, the temptation is there to wear high, high heels; however, you'll kill your feet and back faster than a dodgy office chair will. Instead, keep your stilettos for after hours, and in the office, opt for a wedge heel or pointed flat. Style and comfort definitely go together here.

Black or brown leather shoes are super smart teamed with jeans or a suit for the guys. However, a pair of crisp unblemished white sneakers can add a pop of interest to an outfit. Those beaten-up, super comfy sneakers need to stay home though.

Replace Worn Items

Eventually, even your favorite piece of clothing will start to wear out, and when this happens, it's time to retire it from the work wardrobe. Clothes with visible holes and frays hems look unprofessional and give off the wrong vibes to your colleagues. Keep an eye on your work clothes and replace items as required. You don’t need to buy expensive clothes but consider that very cheap clothes won't last long.

Find Your Style

You're in the office for a lot of the day and need to feel as fabulous as you look. What looks fantastic on your co-worker at the next desk may look awful on you. As such, use your colleagues as a guide for the tone of office attire but dress to your shape and style. Well-fitting clothes give off a professional air, giving a good impression if you’re looking to advance.

By updating tired clothing items and gauging the feel of your office environment, you’ll soon have your work wardrobe updated. Smart shoes, clever use of accessories, and well-fitting clothes will have your professional look make you feel a million dollars (and maybe get that promotion too).