Simple Tips for Good Personal Hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene is vital for your health and wellness. You may have heard this statement so many times such that it doesn’t seem to make sense anymore, but it does. Practicing healthy habits and proper grooming helps you feel good and ward off illnesses.

Read on to learn a few simple tips you have to adopt each day to maintain good personal hygiene.

1.   Bathe Regularly

Make it a habit to keep your body and hair clean. This statement may appear irrelevant because you take a shower every day, but how many times do you shampoo your hair and clean your body. With the body shedding skin constantly, washing your body thoroughly helps bring off the old skin lest it cakes up, causing various illnesses.

Washing your body is even essential if you just had a tattoo. Use the right  tattoo soap to clean the tattooed area twice to thrice each day until there are no more signs of scabs.

2.   Keep Your Nails Neat

You love long nails. That isn’t the issue here – how neat are they? You can keep your nails tidy without having to cut them.

However, having well-trimmed toe and fingernails is more hygienic. It not only keeps the nails in good shape but also helps you avoid numerous health issues such as nail beds infection or hangnails.

3.  Brush and Floss the Right Way

A good dental practice is to brush every after eating. At least, you should brush two times a day and floss well. When you brush well, you reduce the chances of bacteria accumulating in your mouth, causing  gum disease and tooth decay.

When you floss daily, you keep the gums healthy and strong. Additionally, by having unhealthy gums, you risk your teeth loosening up, becoming quite hard to eat or chew as expected. Besides brushing and flossing each day, it is advisable to have regular dental checkups.

4.   Keep Your Hands Clean

Traditionally, it was only necessary to wash your hands after visiting the toilet or before and after meals. However, there are numerous instances when it is essential to wash your hands.

Some of the practical scenarios when washing your hands is necessary is after handling garbage, sneezing, coughing, visiting the washroom, shake someone else’s hand, and before and after eating.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, washing hands has become a norm. It would help if you washed your hands more often to keep bacteria and other germs away.

5.   Have Enough Sleep

Getting enough rest at night is a critical factor of general body wellness and health. It is advisable to sleep for 8 to 10 hours each night. If you do not get enough sleep, you wake up drained and lazy, and this not only  compromises your natural defenses but also affects your body’s immunity.

With enough rest, you wake up refreshed and with the energy to handle the day’s activities satisfactorily.  

You see, maintaining good personal hygiene and getting  healthier isn’t hard after all. It is a matter of learning to follow a simple routine of bathing regularly, keeping your nails well-trimmed and neat, flossing and brushing regularly, getting enough sleep, and washing your hands regularly. If you follow these simple personal hygiene tips, you will enjoy a disease-free life!