Small Nutritional Changes That Can Make A Massive Difference To Your Health

Sometimes great big changes in our diet like cutting down on fat, or cutting out sugar can feel overwhelming. The good news is you can still see some big results even by making small changes. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Make healthy snacks easy and available 

Even when we are trying to eat in a way that nourishes our body, it can be hard to do so when it means putting in the extra effort. What I am talking about here is that extra moment or two it can cost you to whip up a healthy snack rather than grab a candy bar or bag of chips. 

The good news is by making healthy snacks easy to grab and always available you can make a huge change to your diet. Indeed, the best way to go about this is to set up a healthy snack station at the beginning of the week with things like individual pots of hummus, peanut butter, and vegetables cut into sticks. Pieces of fruit and string cheese which has plenty of protein can be great choices too. 

Always eat breakfast 

I know there is a lot of noise around fasting at the mo, and for many people that means not eating breakfast. However, there continues to be a great deal of research that shows those who break their fast first thing in the morning make better food choices throughout the day. 

Of course, as breakfast can also be one of the busiest times of the day it pays to think ahead and prepare meals that you can grab and go. One of the best choices for a fast breakfast is things like these healthy summer smoothies which can be made fresh or beforehand. Alternatively, making a match of egg muffins packed with vegetables and then freezing them in portions can work well too. Then all you need to do is grab one and go and it will be defrosted by the time you arrive at work. 

Don't ban any foods 

Getting rid of all treats from your diet may sound like the best way to increase your health, yet the opposite can be true. The problem is that when you restrict what you are waiting for, your body can quickly go into starvation mode, something that will cause urges to eat as much of that item as possible. 

Instead, it is a much better idea to go for treats in moderation. This means eating a portion of chips rather than the whole bag, or a square or two of chocolate rather than the entire bar. 

Make sure at least half your plate is non-starchy veg 

Last of all, a small but very effective nutritional change you can make at every meal is to ensure that at least a third to a half of your plate is vegetables. I'm talking about the non-starchy kind here too, so that means leafy greens like kale or spinach, things like artichokes, and eggs, plants, and onions are good too. Try to stay away from things like potatoes here as they are counted more as a carb so you can throw your proportions off.