Staying Fit and Healthy During the Pandemic

Staying Fit and Healthy During the Pandemic

Many of us have gone through many changes over the past year and a half. Most of these changes can be attributed to the worldwide coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic. As we’ve spent more and more time indoors, one thing that many of us are struggling with is staying on top of our health and fitness. Even those of us who led relatively active lifestyles before may have found ourselves experiencing difficulty in getting our recommended one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a day. Gyms have been closed. Fitness classes have been canceled. Sports clubs have been unable to operate. On top of this, many of us have slipped into unhealthy eating habits, opting for convenience and comfort foods. However, with the vaccine being rolled out, many of us are looking ahead to getting life back on track and leading healthier existence. Here are some tips that you should bear in mind while doing this!


Let’s start out with exercise. Gyms are reopening. Classes are slowly being rescheduled. So, chances are, you may be anticipating a fast return to exercise. This is great! But you should also make sure that you’re doing things properly. The advice below should help.

  • Ease Yourself Into Exercise – if you’ve been relatively dormant for the past year and a half, it’s likely your fitness levels have dropped. You may not be able to dive back in at the level you left off. So, ease yourself into your exercises. This can reduce your chances of experiencing injury or burnout.
  • Remember Hygiene Practices – while facilities are opening back up, Covid hasn’t entirely gone away. So, you need to keep on top of your hygiene practices. Wash and sanitize your hands regularly, clean equipment you touch and keep your distance from others.
  • Try Supplements – there are many health supplements that can really aid your fitness journey. Chances are, you’ve already seen others at the gym using them themselves. Why not consider some options like protein shakes, oxyshred fat burner or more?


As we briefly mentioned above, many of us have picked up bad dietary habits over the past year or so. Many of us have been comfort eating or ordering from local takeaways and businesses. Now is the time to get back on top of your diet, ensuring that it is healthy and balanced.

  • Avoid Fad Diets – first and foremost, you should avoid fad diets. These are likely to encourage poor eating habits and may prevent you from getting the nutrients your body needs to fuel itself. Instead, opt for healthy and balanced meals.
  • Try Superfoods – it’s always worth incorporating some superfoods into your diet. These are nutritionally dense, so packed with vitamins and minerals. Good examples include green tea, blueberries, flaxseed, goji berries and more.
  • Stay Hydrated – make sure to drink roughly two litres (or eight glasses) of water a day.

Of course, leading the healthiest lifestyle possible will include more steps than this, but hopefully, those outlined above will help to get you off to the best start possible!