Important Jobs To Do At Home This Week

As the seasons change from cold to warm, it is important for us to think about ways we can improve our home to make it more spacious and bright. Summer is often a season where we host a lot of parties and get-togethers and as such, it is important for us to do some jobs around the house to get it looking spick and span. 

There are lots of cleaning and tidying jobs you can do around the house during the summer months, but these ones below should be on your list for this week to get you working toward a beautiful home for the summer.

Clear out your wardrobe 

One of the biggest problems a lot of us faced during lockdown was not being able to stop ourselves shopping. Buying clothes is always tempting and when we are stuck at home with nothing else to do, our bank accounts can suffer. Before you do anything else this week it is time to go through your clothes and get rid of what you don’t want or need. You can either give your clothes to charity or sell them on eBay for a little pocket money and your bedroom will thank you for it! 

Invest in new cushion covers 

Now is the time to consider making some design changes around the house to transform the home from a winter wonderland to a summer home. A simple and cost effective change you can make this week is to change the cushion covers around your home from deep or tartan patterns to bright yellows and greens. The change is small but it will instantly lift the design of your living room and make it feel brighter. 

Clean the windows 

One of the more awkward jobs to do to your home throughout the year is clean the windows without getting streaks all over them. You can use a professional such as Labor Panes to tackle the exterior windows of your home and then on the inside you can use a simple trick: vinegar. Using vinegar as a glass cleaner is a great way to dissolve grease and this will leave your windows streak-free all summer long. It might smell for a little while after, but it is worth it! 

Clean tile grout 

One of the most neglected parts of the home has to be the grout between your tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom. What was once bright white will over time turn grey and this can really cause a negative impact on the look of your home. Now is the ideal time to get yourself a toothbrush and some baking soda mixed with water to tackle this problem head-on. Brush your grout with this paste mixture and then rinse it off to reveal bright white grout. It will make a bigger impact than you think and can bring some much-needed white back into your home. 

Try these house jobs this week to start changing your home for the better in summer.