Stepping Up The Career Ladder With a Better Resume

How to Upgrade Your Post-College Wardrobe for the Working World

Want to snag the job of your dreams, change career, or earn a promotion? You need a CV that stands out from the crowd. Here are some of the things that employers will be looking for. 

Recent Education 

Having a degree opens the door to many jobs since lots of employers will request this as the minimum entry requirement. If you don’t have a degree, earning one could be a smart move and allow you to access better jobs. Check out mph vs mha degree comparison and do some research into which would be best for the career you want.

However, if you graduated a long time ago, and the subject was unrelated to the work you've done over the years (or the job you’re applying for) then it’s not something that will allow you to stand out from your competitors. Recent, relevant education is much better, even if it's not as high of a grade as a degree. This is because even diplomas and other certifications for shorter courses will show that your knowledge is up to date- best of all you can gain these online and study from home.

A Driving License

Having a license is beneficial in the world of work, even if the job you want to do isn't a driving career. This is because lots of jobs will require you to get around, alternatively, they might involve working hours or locations which are outside of public transport. Without a driving license and a car for you to physically be able to get to certain jobs, employers might be against offering you the position.

Write a Blog

Blogging something that looks good on your resume, as it allows an employer to see that you’re regularly spending time creating great content, learning new skills, and being creative. Not to mention it shows that you've built up a site from scratch which shows you're dedicated and hardworking. 

Hobbies that Showcase Your Skills

Hobbies help to showcase your skills in a different way; if for example, the job you’re applying for requires logic and patience then it’s worth mentioning that you're a member of the chess club. If it requires teamwork you could mention the team sport that you enjoy playing every weekend. 

Start a Home Business

Having your own home business that you run as a side hustle shows an employer you have entrepreneurial skills. It’s also a good way to prevent gaps in your employment history if you’re between jobs or raising children for a while, so if you're currently not working, consider starting a small home business. Not only does it give you something to do but it helps to pad out your resume. You could make items to sell by utilizing a skill you have or buy and sell items for a profit. 

Living Abroad

Living and working abroad tends to lead to personal and professional growth in a person, and as a result, it can show that you’re a well-rounded individual with life experience. As well as looking at specific skills, employers are also looking for the right kind of personality when they hire, they want people that will align with their goals and the workforce they already have, and having this on your CV is something that will appeal to some employers.

Voluntary Work

Volunteering can help you to gain the skills that you need before an employer will accept you for a paid position. It could be working for a charitable cause as this shows a compassionate side to your personality and again is something that could help you to stand out from other candidates. Or it could be working as an unpaid intern/ volunteer in a similar job to the one that you want to get.