Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19

Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19

With over half of the world’s population currently living under some kind of restrictions on their everyday life, it’s no wonder people are concerned about their mental health.  

Any stressful situation can trigger feelings of anxiety and fear, even for those with no prior mental health conditions.  

If you’re struggling with your mental health at the moment, here are some tips that might help you cope.  

Focus On What You Can Control

A lot of people are feeling powerless at the moment like they have no control over their lives or careers.  

While a lot of things going on are outside your control, remind yourself that there are things that you can.  

Financial worries are common at the moment too.  Many people have lost their jobs or are facing a reduction in income.  While you can’t really affect the overall effect on your company, you can take steps to help your own financial situation.  The government is introducing a lot of new policies to help people financially at the moment. Find out if you and your family are eligible for the government stimulus check. If you’re responsible for elderly relatives, ask will seniors get a check too. 

Other things that you can directly control include the safety and hygiene measures that reduce the chances of catching or spreading the virus.   

If watching the news or looking at social media is causing you anxiety then reduce the amount you are watching it. 

Choose a factual source of news to keep you up to date and disregard the hyperbole and horror stories that seem to be all over the internet at the moment.  Even if true, they don’t give a balanced view of the pandemic. Only check the news once or twice a day.  

Stay Connected

We may not be able to visit family and friends, but it is very important to interact with our family and friends regularly.  If you cannot see them in person check-in regularly via phone, text and video call.  

Stay Healthy

A healthy diet and physical exercise are touted as a cure for pretty much everything these days, with good reason.  Staying healthy is great for our mental health too. Get active (even if it’s only in your living room) and try not to sit on the couch under a pile of junk food every night.  

If you find your mind racing, try practicing mindfulness or meditation or use the opportunity to read a book to escape for a while.  Even just a few minutes a day can provide you with the reset you need. 

Reach Out For Help

If you are struggling to cope, don’t be embarrassed to reach out for help.  There are many places that can provide support without you having to visit them and can use video or phone calls to provide support. Many places are offering free or heavily discounted sessions during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Remember, You’re Not Alone

Try and keep everything in perspective.  This is easier said than done but it really does help to feel that you are not alone, there are millions of people across the country and world, who understand exactly what you are going through and are rooting for you.