Taking Control Of Your Fitness Routine

Taking Control Of Your Fitness Routine

Do you often feel like exercise is in charge of you? Sure, it’s good for us, but trying to keep up with a routine can be difficult and, let’s face it, boring! And you feel bad for skipping a workout here and there, but you just don’t seem to have the energy or the time – plus, you’re not quite getting the results you wanted to see either. 

But how do we fix this perfect storm that’s turning you away from a healthy lifestyle? With the tips below, you might just be able to get back on top of your fitness and get to know what really works for you. 

Set a Friendly Schedule

Your schedule should be your best friend. Of course, it can get punishing and tight sometimes, but it should also grant you just enough free time to do what you want with. And when that kind of free time comes along, you’re not going to want to use it working out!

However, if you tweak your schedule just a little, you can make this easier on yourself. After all, anytime you’re standing up, and just waiting for the coffee to boil or watching something on TV, you can pull off a few moves. Plenty of 5 minute circuits exist out there! 

Become Qualified

What better way to take control over your fitness routine, and your health in general, than by becoming a certified personal trainer yourself? You’ll know all the best moves and routines, and what your specific body type and health needs means for your fitness journey. 

Most of all, you won’t have to fork out for anyone else to train you! You can do it all yourself, with a master personal trainer certification, and a bit of spare space, and the right equipment in your home. And even if you don’t have the dumbbells just yet, a couple bags of sugar or water can act as the weights you need for that strength training you’ve decided to focus on!

Get Some Sleep!

And then we come to the elephant in the room: how well are you sleeping? Because without sleep, you won’t have the energy or even the right mood to work out. And even if you try working out on a bad night’s rest, there’s a chance your body just won’t be up to the challenge. 

After all, sleep helps us to repair and restore after a long day, and if you’re lifting weights and doing long-form cardio, less than 8 hours of deep, nighttime sleep isn’t going to be enough to recuperate. But a quick nap after a workout can do wonders! Take 20 minutes to rest and get those muscles feeling light and supple again, and you’ll enjoy exercise more than ever before. 

Your fitness routine doesn’t have to take over your life and ultimately get dropped. You can take control with a bit of know-how and reworking, and you’ll certainly feel a lot healthier for it!