The 5 Areas Of Your Business You Should Automate

Automation is a way of using machines to automatically handle tasks. In business, there are many admin tasks that can be automated that many of us continue to do manually. Embracing automation could save you a lot of time and effort, and allow you to focus more on other more exciting aspects of your business. Below are just some of the different parts of your business where automation could come in handy.


Bookkeeping is a necessary evil in business. It includes tasks like recording expenses, paying employees, filing invoices and paying tax returns. While not every bookkeeping task can be automated, much of it can be. It’s worth downloading some reputable, comprehensive accounting software to manage all your bookkeeping from one place. Such programs have many automation features including automatically calculating tax and automatically generating invoices. Many of these programs can also be used as apps and are scalable – allowing you to upgrade easily to a better plan if your company outgrows your current plan without having to migrate to new software.


You can’t automate the entire recruitment process, however you’d be surprised by how much of it can be automated. From creating job adverts to sorting through applications, it’s possible to automate much of the process with only a few manual contributions here and there. It’s not just recruitment of employees that you can semi-automate, but also tasks like enrollment of students as evident through sites like Consider looking into automation if you want to make this process easier.

Managing employees

Once employees are hired, you can also use automation to help carry out much of the necessary admin. This includes keeping track of absence and vacation days, creating staff rotas, and providing onboarding materials like contracts and e-learning. Compare HR software options to see exactly what tasks you can automate.

Ordering supplies

It’s possible to automatically track which supplies are running low and order new supplies to stay stocked up. This automation service is useful for companies like restaurants and hotels which need to constantly top up supplies like small things like serviettes, hand soap and cleaning supplies. There are various stock management software platforms that you can use that have automation features. You can compare a few solutions here at

Customer retention

Customer retention is the process of maintaining loyal customers. This typically involves sending customers updates and discounts to keep them happy and informed – much of which can be automated. Using automated email software it’s possible to automatically send out thank you messages, birthday messages, personalized promotional emails and other messages. You can also use automation in lead generation and when chasing up late paying clients by automating follow up emails if a certain action isn’t taken – including abandoned shopping cart reminders or payment reminders. 

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