The 5 Benefits Of Fishing From A Kayak

The 5 Benefits Of Fishing From A Kayak

Any excuse to get outdoors is a valid way to live a healthy lifestyle as it will give you fresh air, a great mental break from everyday stresses, and it keeps you active. One of the best ways to do this is to go kayaking. Kayaking works the muscles in a different way than most other activities so you get a whole body workout. If you also add fishing into the equation then the benefits you get from kayaking multiply.

It’s an up-and-coming sport that is taking the fishing world by storm. There are now clubs and associations all over the world dedicated to this type of specific fishing technique. There is a ton of support so if you are new to the sport there are many people that will help you figure things out. In this article, we will go over several of the benefits that you get from fishing from a kayak. 

1 – Catch more fish

When you go out fishing you are more likely to eat more fish which is very healthy since they are full of good fatty acids like Omega 3. However, if you don’t catch much then you aren’t eating more fish. 

Getting out on the kayak will get you closer to where the fish are than you can while fishing from shore. In fact, you can get more fish from a kayak than from a boat since you are able to get to areas where a boat can’t. You don’t need to go far offshore to get to where the fish are since most are close to shore. 

You’re also able to stay completely silent unlike when you are on a boat which keeps the fish from getting scared. This makes you able to use a lot of different fishing techniques that you can’t do from a loud boat. Using a fish flasher, trolling tube and worm, or even fly fishing can all be done from a kayak so you always have a technique for whatever species of conditions that you face.

You can easily catch your limit when you are on a kayak so you can keep the freezer filled with your catch.  

2 – It is great exercise

Kayaking uses a lot of different muscle groups so you are giving yourself a total body workout while also having a lot of fun. Paddling requires using your core so you are building up muscle where it really counts. This keeps you fitter than with many other activities that don’t work those muscles. Then you are using your arms to cast, reel, and land your fish which provides a lot of resistance exercise. 

There are kayaks that use foot pedals to power your craft so your legs can get quite a workout as well. You are still getting quite a workout all over your body even if you are only using your legs for propulsion. 

3 – It’s peaceful

When you get out on the water, you are entering a different world. This is a place where you can find total peace and relaxation. Since you are the motor for your vessel, you are getting around in complete silence as opposed to being on a loud boat racing around. 

If you are looking for an activity that allows you to decompress from the modern world, then the peace you’ll find while out on the water is quite therapeutic. 

4 – It’s good for the environment

Boats use a lot of fuel and are extremely dirty since the exhaust gets everywhere. Boat engines are not nearly as efficient and clean as a car engine so they pollute far more per mile than any car or truck ever would. On a kayak, the only exhaust is the CO2 that you are breathing out. 

The manufacturing process is also a lot easier on the environment than what it takes to build a boat. And, a kayak can be recycled when it breaks and can’t be fixed so it can continue to be useful long after it was made. 

5 – It’s affordable

When you consider how much it costs to buy a boat and then the expense of maintaining it, it makes you wonder why anybody would ever want to own one. A kayak on the other hand is cheap to buy and costs basically nothing to maintain. There is no engine that needs to be repaired and no expensive fuel needed to power it. If you want a cheap way to get to the fish then a kayak is the answer.