Three Simple Improvements That Will Transform Your Home For The Better

Three Simple Improvements That Will Transform Your Home For The Better

Most of us will carry out a few home improvements each year, whether we’re looking to increase the value of our home or simply make our day-to-day lives easier. However, regardless of your intentions, these projects can quickly get expensive. For example, a recent survey found that the “average householding spending on home renovations in the US rose to $13,138 in 2020, a $4,000 increase year-over-year

As a result, you must be able to notice which home improvements will add value to your home (or your day),  and which are unnecessary. After all, if you focus on the latter, you could be spending money recklessly.

With that in mind, here are three simple home improvements that will transform your home for the better. 

Install smart home automation.

Installing Smart Home Automation software or equipment throughout your home is a great way to make your day-to-day life easier. This is because you can then use one simple device to access all technology in your home. For example, if you forgot to turn off the lights, you can turn them off even after you’ve left the house.

You can also use this software to improve your home security. You will receive immediate notifications when activity occurs inside/outside your property, giving you much greater peace of mind when you head out for the day. 

Turn your spare room into a home office.

Whether working from home or running a business, having a dedicated space to work within your home is essential. After all, it reduces distractions and promotes productivity and efficiency. As a result, turning your spare room (or even your garage and basement) can prove to be a transformative home improvement project.

A recent study found that “a home office can increase property value by as much as 10%”. Even better, designing your own home office does not have to be expensive. For example, you could save money by buying used office furniture. It's also important to note that your home office does not need to be overly complicated to be effective; it simply needs to be a light, airy, well-organized space. 

Turn your home into a sustainability haven.

Right now, we’re all being encouraged to live a little more environmentally consciously. And, as they say that all change begins at home, and making some sustainable home improvement seems like a great place to start. For example, you could replace old windows with double-glazed ones, which helps conserve heat and energy. Alternatively, you could consider installing solar panels in your home.

While this may come with some kind of installation fee, there are many benefits associated with switching to a sustainable energy source. For example, your energy bills will quickly drop! Once again, making these changes will also benefit you in the future, as potential buyers are more likely to buy eco-friendly homes. This means that you may be able to increase the asking price for your property if/when you decide to sell your home and move elsewhere.