Want A Promotion? Do This

Want A Promotion? Do This

If you’ve been dreaming of that big promotion for a while, it’s time to stop dreaming and start taking action instead. You can’t expect your boss to pluck you out for a promotion if you’re not taking the crucial steps to land one. Read on and you’ll see what you need to do: 

Set Up A Meeting With Your Boss

Start by setting up a meeting with your boss. If they don’t know that this is what you want, then why will they promote you? You need to make your goals known. They will likely appreciate your ambition and confidence, so you’ll be well on your way to landing a promotion already.

Make sure you have solid evidence as to why you feel you should be given a promotion. Don’t just walk in and expect them to agree if you haven’t prepared. 

Figure Out Where You Need To Improve 

Your boss will likely give you things you need to work on before you can get a promotion, and you should try to come up with things too. Where do you think your weakest points are, and how can you improve? 

Work On Your Skills 

Working on your skills every day is essential. Make sure you can listen, that your body language is on point and that your communication skills are top-notch. Below, you’ll be able to see how presentation skills can improve and what you need to do. Never stop working on yourself and your skills!

credit to STL Training