What To Expect When You Gain A Master’s In Business

Don't Be Another Lame Job Application

Choosing to pursue a master’s program is not always an easy decision. If you’re working, starting a course on top of your work commitments is likely to impact your schedule, and you may be wondering whether it’s worth the time and effort. If you have a background in business, or you’re looking to advance your career in an industry that is related, it’s worth considering exactly what you can expect if you complete a master’s in business program.

The infographic below outlines the advantages of studying for a master’s degree in business online. Focusing on the MBA at Northeastern University, the graphic covers areas such as salary expectations and the kinds of opportunities that can be created if you have an MA rather than a BA. 

According to the infographic, almost 20% of people decided to pursue an MBA at Northeastern University to further their careers. If you want to climb the ladder, and you’re keen to compete with people who have more experience or more advanced qualifications, studying for an MBA online is likely to benefit you. The majority of graduates from Northeastern University increased their salaries after finishing the course, and 49% secured a promotion. It’s often assumed that you have to work in business to apply for an MBA, but as the infographic confirms, students have varied backgrounds. Most have experience in healthcare, information technology, and financial services. 

Another major draw for ambitious individuals is the opportunity to increase the chances of reaching the top of the tree and holding positions of authority. Having an MBA on your record could catapult you to positions like CEO, CIO or director in the future. 

Infographic Designed By Northeastern University