9 Ways to Turn Your Fitness Into A Career

9 Ways to Turn Your Fitness Into A Career

If you’re a fitness fanatic and spend most of your spare time at the gym, you might be considering turning your fitness habits from a hobby into a career. There are a few career tracks you could consider that would benefit from your time working out. 

1. Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer is an obvious choice for anyone with a love for fitness. The career often places high in surveys for career satisfaction. Whether you work within a gym or set yourself up as your own business, being a personal trainer allows you to make a real difference in peoples’ lives. 

With a career in personal training, the hours are flexible, and you’ll the advantage of always being able to meet new people. You’ll be working in something you really care about, with the option to work outdoors, for yourself, or with a salaried position. 

Not many people have a job that actively keeps them healthy, but as a personal trainer, you will. There’s also real earning potential with personal training. You can take on more clients, or use the career as a stepping town to owning your own gym or fitness club. You’ll be working with like-minded people, which is sure to give you real job satisfaction. 

9 Ways to Turn Your Fitness Into A Career

2. Sports Nutritionist

Know more about protein and the right fuel for your workout than anyone else? Consider a career as a sports nutritionist. You’ll still be helping people achieve their fitness goals, by helping them fuel their workouts and build a healthy body built on the right food. 

If you have a good knowledge of human anatomy or sports science, you can advise clients on diet, eating habits and the right supplements for exercise. As with being a personal trainer, you have the option of working for yourself, or for a company. 

Seeing people achieve results will give your great job satisfaction, and you’ll be able to work with a wide range of people with varied goals. 

9 Ways to Turn Your Fitness Into A Career

3. Sports Coach

Passionate about a particular sport? Whether you love football or gymnastics, consider taking a career in coaching. This is a career with a huge range of options. You could work within a high-school and coach their cricket team, or guide an adult hockey team. You could be a private coach for swimmers, or work with a college basketball team. Whatever your passion, you can find an avenue as a coach. 

Encouraging a team, building their skills and leading them to success is enormously rewarding. You’ll be spending your work time doing something you truly love and will get to support people who share that love of a sport. 

9 Ways to Turn Your Fitness Into A Career

4. Fitness Instructor

Teaching a group fitness class can be a career option with some real fun built in. As with other fitness careers, there are a huge range of options. Work within a gym, or set up a business of your own and teach in community spaces. Teach zumba, yoga or boxercise. Exercise classes are becoming incredibly varied, so there’s sure to be something you love enough to teach others. If you’d like more variety than coaching, you could teach a few different classes, such as Pilates, aerobics or a classic Legs, Bums and Tums class. 

You’ll be rewarded by watching people reach their goals and build their skills in your class as they attend each week. This is a great career for confident fitness fans, who are comfortable instructing a crowd. 

9 Ways to Turn Your Fitness Into A Career

5. Physiotherapist or Sports Therapist

If you want to help people recover from sports injury and improve their performance, you might like being a physio or sports therapist. 

As a physiotherapist, you’ll be working with people with other injuries and disabilities too, but a large portion of your patients are likely to be athletes who need help rehabilitation after an injury. 

If you’d rather focus on sporting injuries, with a lean towards muscle recovery, look into Sports Therapy. 

Both careers are clearly rewarding, as you guide people into recovery, more freedom of movement and better pain management. 

9 Ways to Turn Your Fitness Into A Career

6. Lifeguard

Fancy spending your working day poolside? Oversee pool safety as a lifeguard. With the right training, you can work within a leisure center, a water park or on the beach. 

Lifeguarding is great for social types, as you’ll be working within a team and interacting with the general public every day. There’s great room for growth too, with the potential to move into teaching or leisure management. 

7. Physical Education Teacher

If you like to work in a variety of sports, and enjoy working with children, you could be a Physical Education teacher. Keeping children physically active can aid their concentration in more academic subjects, so you’ll be making a real difference to their grades. 

A good PE teacher can help children build an appreciation for health and fitness at a young age, that will help them stay fit and healthy for life. You’ll be making an incredible difference to many young lives. 

8. Gym Owner

Fancy yourself as a fitness entrepreneur? Why not open a gym? You could open a general gym, or specialise with something like a boxing gym, or a gym aimed at bodybuilders. 

Not for the faint of heart, starting your own business is exciting and as your gym grows, you’ll be helping others in their fitness careers, as well as watching the public use your place to gain fitness. 

9. Fitness Wear Designer

Think you’ve got a killer idea for the ultimate workout leggings? If you love style as much as you love working out, you could consider designing your own range of fitness wear or joining a fitness apparel company. 

More of us are sharing our workout goals online, and lots of fitness enthusiasts are looking for workout gear that is practical, comfortable and stylish. Whether you’d rather get scientific and work for a company developing high performance fabrics, or you could work for a company who makes fitness clothing and be part of making people feel good when they hit the gym. 

Working within fitness can be an incredibly rewarding career choice, with a lot of variety to keep you engaged, rewarded and happy at work. 

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