Why Christmas Is The Best Time To Start A Podcast

Why Christmas Is The Best Time To Start A Podcast

What do Christmas and podcasts have in common? 

While everyone is considering the best festive outfit for the Christmas season and picking the most delightful decorations, you can make the most of the end of year celebrations to launch your podcast side hustle. Indeed, if you’re still unsure of whether timing your podcast with the festive season is a good idea, here are five reasons to change your mind. 

It’s a time for optimism

Christmas is a season of optimism and joy. It’s the perfect emotional background to start your entrepreneurship journey. Whether your podcast is intended as a side hustle or a full-time business, you’ll find that the audience is more favorable to new ideas during the festive season.

Of course, you’ll need to be familiar with some of the most useful podcast tips to make it work, such as staying true to yourself and offering free content – courses or coaching – to attract your listeners. 

Perfect for a lifestyle business

Ultimately, the Christmas period is all about managing your household to accommodate your guests. Therefore, if you’re looking to launch a lifestyle side hustle, your podcast on how to reduce kitchen waste or create simple family meals can be a winner.

If you intend to tackle topics such as decoration, family time, cooking, and cleaning, you want to time your podcast with the period of the year when people worry the most about hosting parties. Christmas is right for everything about household management and homely feelings.

Therefore, whether you want to offer craft classes for home decorations or simple cooking tutorials, you need to leverage your seasonal audience. 

Best timing for travel and language businesses

Did you know that two-thirds of people prefer to book their holiday online? Most of us look for the next holiday directly using a smartphone or a laptop. Typically, booking vacations can take a lot of time when it comes to researching the best options.

Consequently, the Christmas break tends to encourage people to find their next travel destination. A podcast about travel or even foreign culture is likely to tap into their interests and make the search easier. 

Who doesn’t love entertainment?

Most Americans go to the movies on Christmas day and during the Christmas break. They might find it helpful to tune in to a podcast that introduces the latest movies. Additionally, it’s fair to say during family reunions, board games play a central role in keeping everybody entertainment.

If you’re a game addict and love to discuss the latest collaborative or competitive boards on the market, you can use your podcast to encourage listeners to try out new games, for instance. It’s the ideal spot for anybody looking to start an entertainment business. 

Just in time for good resolutions

As a startup, catching investors around their Christmas holiday is perfect to promote your presence. Indeed, most people are looking for ways to improve themselves in the next year. In this time of good resolutions, you can appeal to their conscience. Similarly, fitness instructors, lifestyle coaches, and mentors can also surf on the resolutions wave to boost their business. 

Your podcast can be your sole digital presence as a side hustle or an extension of your business. Nevertheless, if you intend it to be an income-generating tool, you want to maximize the Christmas spirit to boost your impact.