Health Treatments You Shouldn’t DIY

Health Treatments You Shouldn’t DIY

While there are many health and beauty treatments you can do yourself at home, there are also some you should leave to the professionals. Even if you see at-home kits or find online tutorials if you want to do the following treatments for your health or well being, then make sure you book an appointment and get an expert to do it right:

Multi-step Facials

While you can exfoliate your skin at home and treat it with masks, you’re better off leaving multi-step facials to an expert. An expert can professionally analyze your skin in a way that you can’t and can make the right product and treatment recommendations.

Also, vital facial steps, like deep exfoliation and peels, can burn or scar your skin if you attempt to do it yourself.

Cleaning Your Ears

There are many at-home ear cleaning kits, but you could do a lot of damage if you make a mistake, so it’s better to leave it to the pros. Many of the home remedies for ear cleaning are dangerous. Even simply putting water inside your ear can cause the water to get trapped and ultimately lead to an infection. This is the main cause of the condition known as swimmer’s ear.

Cleaning your ears the wrong way can lead to damage to your ears as well as permanent or temporary hearing loss. This is an issue that can easily be avoided by only cleaning the outside of your ears.

Anything That’s Injected

Whether it’s Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, lip fillers or anything else that involves a needle, you should always see an expert. Doing it yourself puts yourself in danger as at-home injections consist of nonFDA-approved materials that can cause major risks, deformities and infections.

Toxins and fillers should only be injected by dermatologists and plastic surgeons and are not for the general public to use as at-home treatments ever.

Micro needling

Micro needling is one of the most in-demand treatments at the moment, and while there are plenty of at-home versions out there, they’re not all safe. There are so many micro-needling rollers and pens that are sold on the Internet, which can cause problems.

So make sure you see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for these treatments who is well-versed in the procedure and understands how to operate the device properly. 

Popping a Pimple

You should never pop a pimple at home, no matter what. If you do, the pimple can become worse rather than better as you forcefully push the contents of the acne bump-out, which can be damaging to the skin as it is tearing it while increasing inflammation.

A dermatologist can safely and gently perform an extraction to remove the contents. 

Major Hair Color Changes

Achieving gorgeous color is tricky, which is why anything that’s complicated, like balayage, ombré and even highlights, should be done by someone who really knows what they are doing. Bleach is something you shouldn’t do yourself; you should have a colorist do your foils.

If not, you can end up with bleed marks and a stripey look, as well as breakage. Also, drastic color changes should only be done at the salon.