3 Health Issues You Can Solve With Cardio

As if you needed more reasons to get properly into a good cardio routine, there are actually a host of health issues you can not only prevent by exercising but even solve. We all know that exercise is good for us but, if you ever struggled with any of these health problems, a good run may definitely be what you need to get rid of it once and for all.

Here is a handful of common health issues that you may want to get rid of by simply putting on your jogging shoes a bit more often.

First: Back pain

So many of us experience back pain during our lives because we are increasingly sedentary both at home and at work. While a good weight session with a focus on strengthening your core can help to relieve that pain, cardio can also help you out a lot.

It may not be as tough on your core muscles as a good weight session, but running will still keep your abs active – and that is, in fact, great news for your back. When you develop your lower back, abdominal, and oblique muscles, you’re taking some pressure off your spine as well as improving your range of motion.

If you’d like to enjoy a healthy back for longer, the message is clear; get out and go for a run or pick up some weights to strengthen your body. Either way, it’s great for your health.

Next: Constipation

Lately, we’ve come to learn that a healthy gut can affect the rest of your body in a positive way, not only making you feel way better but even ensuring that you’re happy and healthy in general too.

A good run a couple of times a week or even a shorter one once a day can help to prevent constipation and ensure that your gut health stays in tip-top shape as well. If you suspect that your gut needs a bit more than just a run in order to stay happy, you should pay the gastro doctors a visit, though, as it’s so important for your wellbeing.

Last: Anxiety

Anxiety and depression, troubling as it may be, are not really somatic problems although it will have an effect on your body as well. With anxiety, your heart beats faster, you may break a sweat, you feel flushes – in general, it tells your body that it’s time to prepare for a flight or a fight and your body will respond accordingly.

This is only caused by anxious thoughts, though, and not an actual threat so most people with anxiety are looking for ways to get rid of it. Therapy will definitely help as well as a host of mental techniques to help you to cope with the problems.

When you practice cardio, you’ll brain will enjoy some temporary relief from those anxious thoughts and a slight boost of endorphins. It’s the kind of stuff that makes it easier to keep going – and put those shoes on the next day as well.