On The Road Again: Doing A Career “About-Face”

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Freelancer

We mistakenly believe that we've only got one shot in life. It would appear that we've got only a certain amount of time to get a bit of an education, find the right job, and that's it.

What if we made the wrong choice? What if we decide, all of a sudden, 20 years into our career, that it's just not for us?

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to find the right job, so much so, that the act of moving on from the job can be an incredibly stressful process, either because people are telling us that we're crazy to give it up or we just feel we are meant to stick it out because we made our one choice.

But there's no reason you cannot do a complete 180 career about-face! But what is the best way to do this?

Be Realistic

It's not something that's going to happen overnight. And when you are setting yourself up for a brand new career and it's completely the polar opposite of your skills, experience, and education, you need to craft an appropriate strategy, not just so you can glide into your new career easier, but you have the relevant support network, and also that you aren't struggling in a financial or emotional sense. There are a lot of things to think about.

But being realistic about it all means that you will not be brash, and jump ship, thinking that you need “the fear” to really get you going in your new career. Some people can make the leap from a steady well-paid job, and find that they have nothing to go into, and this is a complete shock to the system. But over time, this will gradually wear them down, so much so that they will go back to their old life and career, tail in between their legs.

Achieve The Credentials

It goes without saying, but if you really are going to make a success of yourself in your new career, you've got to get the pieces of paper. But nowadays it's never been easier to get a qualification. You can learn the basics through an e-learning course in Biomechanics or get a Master of Computer Science online degree.

Whatever you need to achieve, it's never been easier to sign up for a course. It's all relative, but if you need practical experience, then it's important to go and get this in whatever way you can. But when there's a lot of theory based on the career you want, you can get the information around your current job.

Online courses are in their zenith and they are built around the whole working at home ethos. And this links into your gradual progression towards this career. Because if you really want it, you can spend your time acquiring the necessary skills rather than making the leap into a new career without a safety net.

We can feel that we need to be in this new career so badly that we have to burn all our old bridges fast to truly make a success of our new life. But even though you've got to get new credentials and build up a new experience, you should never underestimate the skills you have learned over the years. And the great thing about going from one career to another is that you have life experience, and this is quite a desired trait.

The great thing is, after a certain age, you have acquired enough life experience to be a mature student, or you don't necessarily need the qualifications to get onto a specific course. As long as you show the aptitude, as well as the drive, you can get on any course you want.

Be Sure That It's What You Want

When we consider a new life with a new career, we can be so invested in making a positive change to our life, we may not have given it proper consideration. Sometimes we want to begin again because we are unhappy in our current job.

But is this really a good reason to leave your current job and start all over again? Sometimes we can feel completely unhappy in what we are doing, so much so that every time we go into the office or get in the car that sense of dread overcomes us.

But as soon as we feel there is a way out, we don't take our 9 to 5 as seriously, or we just don't let it bother us like it used to. And this begs the question; do you just need an outlet in life?

Because if you're unhappy doing what you're doing between Monday to Friday and you really hate it that much that you are focusing on it outside of work, is it really the job that's causing you problems, or is it your frame of mind?

There are many jobs out there that are overwhelming, and people get stressed because they're being overworked and underpaid, or there's no work-life balance, so if you're looking for a new career as a solution to a problem, is this going to be the answer to all of your prayers? Making a transition to a new career is good, and it can be the solution to everything, but if you are anticipating feeling like this a few months into a new career, will it have all been worth it?

Making a new life for ourselves is a lot of work. Making a new career for ourselves is just as much work. Academically speaking, we may have to invest a lot more time, energy, and money into it, but also, when making a complete turnaround in our career, we've got to be sure that it is going to provide that fulfillment.

Some people have a very stressful job, and as such, making the transition from a high-pressure environment to a sluggish, snail-paced one could mean a sigh of relief, but if that person is not being challenged the way they were, they will very likely get bored. When you are making a change to a new career it's not just about your personal happiness, but it's about feeling challenged. The right job won't provide you with 110% happiness, but it will provide you with enough challenges that you can go home at the end of the day feeling tired but fulfilled.